Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

Drinking coffee can be perceived as daily activity. And it can also be drunk because of the benefits as most doctors say. But in Turkish culture, coffee has a very important place. And it is accepted as a process name which is quite meaningful. Let’s take a look at what Turkish Coffee are and what it means!

Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

Coffee entered Turkish culture during the Ottoman period

Located in the center of the historical Silk Road route, there is coffee, like spices and silk. It is up to the 15th century to be a full traditional drink.

Ottoman Turkish Coffee

The Turks, who are more involved in the 15th century with Coffee, have adopted the Coffee culture to a great extent. Turkish Coffee, which is served with different kinds of guests, attracts attention with its excellent taste. Here, besides the taste, Turkish Coffee which has many different meanings …

Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

We do not know if you have witnessed in Turkey before to ask for girls. But one thing is known, in traditional Turkish culture, this concept has a very big meaning. In Turkey, which has recently adopted modern life more and more, many traditions still continue. One of these is a request for a girl.

Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

After the request for the girl has been completed, and if the boy and the girl agree to marry, there is coffee in order. Bride brings Coffee. And the candidate bride finally sends the coffee to the candidate groom. Usually this coffee is salted. If the gourmet coffee candidate groom drinks then looks at the candidate bride’s, the process is now complete. And that means they’re getting married.

Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

Another meaning of Coffe in Turkish traditions is very different. Coffee, which is usually served to guests, is also an ideal tactic for determining the guest’s situation. Because, turkish coffee usually comes with a small glass. And there is water in this glass. If guests get water first, it means they are hungry. And the hosts are ready to eat right away. If you drink Coffee first, it means they are tok.

Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

Here, Turkish Coffee has such different meanings. You will witness this tradition in your visit to Turkey

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