Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

In Turkey, one of the most distinguished coffee makers in the world, coffee culture has improved considerably. Turkish Coffee culture based on 16th century has been preserved to a great extent today. You can find many different types of coffee in Turkey, which sells millions of dollars worth of coffee every year. Here are all aspects of Coffee Culture in Turkey.

Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

History of the Coffee in Turkey

The coffee culture in Turkey is based on ancient times, and the date on the records is the middle of the 16th century. And in this century Istanbul was one of the central cities there. Konya and Manisa are also accepted as important coffee centers. The coffee trade between Europe and Asia could be made from Turkey via the historical silk route. This has made Turkey an important coffee country.

Interesting Facts about Turkish Coffee

Social Orientation of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee should not be perceived only as coffee drinking. At the same time it should be known that it also has a culture. Because many stages are important steps to be followed, from the preparation of the cup to the serving of it. And all these stages have different meanings. Now let’s take a look at what cultural significance coffee making and presentation are making.

Ottoman Turkish Coffee

We know that coffee is the result of the addition of dark buds on hot water. The hot coffee is mixed with hot water to form a layer on the bottom. The cup of hot coffee is a bit cold, and then the cups are filled with care. The chilling of the moraine or the warming of it depends on the closeness of the people. If there is a request for a girl, cold coffee can be served. And at the same time, it is also an important thing to be offered to the groom for the salty coffee.

salted coffee tradition

If the guests start with water after the serving of the coffee, that means they are hungry. And they prepare hosted food. If it starts with coffee, then normal conversation will continue.

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