Holiday In Palandoken

What are Palandoken Mountain and Ski Center Features?
Palandöken is one of the most important mountains of Turkey and is located in the province of Erzurum. Palandöken, which is about 13 kilometers away from Erzurum province, is considered as one of the most important tourism regions of the country.

Thousands of local and foreign tourists are especially interested in winter seasons. For this reason, Palandöken Mountain has been recorded as an important tourism region.

What are the characteristics of the Palandöken mountain and the ski resort?

– The height of the Palandöken mountain is approximately 3185 meters. This mountain is among the most important mountains in Turkey’s height. It is the 15th secret of Turkey’s height.

– The highest point of Mount Palandöken Mountain is known as “Büyükejder Tepesi“.

– Considering the shape of the formation of the Palandöken, it is considered to be a mountain formed as a result of tectonic movements. It is known as one of the mountains formed by large mass movements almost like many mountains in the world.

Holiday In Palandoken

Let’s give some information about the name of Palandöken mountain which has a very different name according to many people. It is known that the name “Palan” is formed by the merging of the name “Döken” and the name of the “Donkey Saddle”. Donkey Saddle means mountain range. It is known that Palandöken mountain is steep and it is given this name because of the loss of habits in donkey saddles.

– That is why the vast majority of domestic and foreign skiing organizations in Turkey are built on this mountain.

– It is the most popular ski resort of Turkey in terms of quality and quantity of snow. Annual snowfall is 2-3 meters.

– There are 2 approved tracks for the slalom competitions in the mountains of Palandöken. And the names of these tracks are Dragon Pist and Kapikaya runway.

– The distance from the ski resort to the center of Erzurum is only 10 minutes.

– The skiing time on the Palandoken mountain is known as 6 months. These periods last from November, the beginning of winter, to May, which is the beginning of summer.

– The number of runways at the ski resort in the Paleontological Village is more than 22. As mentioned above, two of them are professional tracks at the Olympic level.

– It is known that the length of the longest runway in the skiing area in Palandöken is 11-12 km.

– There are 5 ski lifts in the ski resort in Palandöken and it has a capacity of approximately 4000-5000 hours.

At the same time you can use 1 teleski and 2 baby lifts in the skiing center of Antalya.

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