Turkey Outdoor Sports

Turkey is known as literally a paradise for adventure and adrenaline sports lovers with its unique nature. If a holiday means to be relax, find peace in a quiet environment, make adventurous explorations and also get a great adrenalin, you can take a look to our Turkey Outdoor Sports list…

1) Paragliding

Turkey Outdoor Sports
Turkey Outdoor Sports

Imagine an air craft that makes you feel like birds in the sky and making you three to four thousand meters high after you leave yourself on a hill. Paragliding. The most popular center in our country is Fethiye-Ölüdeniz. Other paragliding regions that are frequently preferred in our country are the Çakırman region in Erzincan, Ali Dağı in Kayseri (only trained pilots can fly here).

2) Surfing
Akyaka Windsurfing

There is no doubt that surfing is one of the most spectacular sports in our country especially in the last 10 years. Windsurfing, wave surfing are the most well known branches of this sport. Among the water sports, the surf center, which is especially preferred by the younger people, is the famous Alaçatı region with its wind. There are many surf schools in Alaçatı, where windsurfers and kiteboard enthusiasts flock every season. Akyaka, the longest surfing season, has a coastline of 1.5 km, separated by surfers only.

3) Diving
Turkey Outdoor Sports Diving

If you are keen to explore the world of mysterious and unique beauty of water, we recommend you to dive on your holiday. The blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean, home to world-famous diving spots, will open the doors of a world that will amaze you. Before you dive, you need to get a certificate from an underwater sports club or a diving training center. Bodrum-Small Reef and Kargı Island, Kaş-Flying Fish and Canyon, Saros-Baby Rocks, Ayvalık-Tokmaklar, Kemer-Paris West Coast, Çanakkale-Çam Burnu and Gökçeada are among the most important diving points.

4) Rafting

As you can guess, one of the sports that has reached the peak of adrenaline level is rafting. Rafting, which is a safe and entertaining activity when accompanied by experienced guides and has varying degrees of difficulty, can be done in many streams in our country. You will have a safer and more enjoyable experience by listening carefully to the brief information provided by the trainers before you set off. The most preferred courses for rafting in our country rich in rivers and rivers are Coruh River, Düzce-Melen Stream, Ardeşen-Fırtına Stream, Antalya-Köprüçay and Artvin-Barhal Stream. The best time for rafting is March, April, May and June months, depending on the seasonal characteristics of the regions.

5) Rock Climbing
akyaka rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of the arms of mountaineering and is known as a nature sport that can be done in many places of our country. You have to be trained in this area to be able to climb a rock. Universities are institutions that provide climbing clubs and private climbing clubs for rock climbing. If you have completed the necessary training and have equipment such as a helmet, safety column, express, dynamic rope, climbing shoes and ATC, you can start climbing rocks as well. If you do not have enough experience on the climb yet, you need to give some information before climbing the school you are studying. The most preferred routes for rock climbing are as follows: Kocaeli-Ballıkayalar, Eskişehir-Karakayalar, Olympos-Climbing Park, Antalya-Geyikbayırı, Bilecik-Pelitözü, Bafa Lake-Kapıkırı and Niğde Aladağlar National Park…

6) Canyoning
Koprulu Canyon National Park

The highest rate of risk is from nature sports, canyoning, in other words canyon passage, is a sport that requires experience and high performance. The excitement of discovering nature’s wonderful canyons is also important to take the necessary precautions. Investigate the region, seasonal conditions and land you decide to cross the canyon. As for the most popular canyoning points in our country; Kastamonu-Valla Canyon, Kocaeli-Ballıkayalar Canyon, Kastamonu-Ersizlerdere Canyon, Antalya-Köprülü Canyon, Fethiye-Saklıkent and Bilecik-Yenipazar Canyon are the most preferred canyon passing trails.

7) Sea Canoe
Turkey Outdoor Sports - Sea Canoe

Bays and beaches unfooted, landscapes of nature that can not be reached from the land, ancient city remains, turquoise clear waters… If you want to crowd with your discovery of nature, sea canoe tours are an activity for you. You can explore the countryside, the lakes and rivers in our country with the sea canoe, one of the favorite sports of recent years. Gökova Gulf, Kaş-Demre-Kekova, Gocek, Phaselis Bay, Geyikli-Çandarlı, Eğirdir Lake, Dikili-Foça, İğneada, Seven Noses and Marmara Islands are among the most preferred among these routes.

8) Riding
Turkey Outdoor Sports - Riding

Horseback riding is one of the least known and least preferred among nature sports. And although horseback riding is one of the oldest traditions of Anatolia. This being the case regarding Turkey’s tourism facilities serving the general Equestrians are also few. If you want to spend pleasant and adventurous time in nature, on horseback, you do not have to be a professional rider; you just have to go along with organizing tours and listen to the excitement of others. Cappadocia, Kastamonu-Daday region, Kütahya Evliya Çelebi Road is the ideal route for horse riding.

9) Jeep Safari
Turkey-Outdoor-Sports - Jeep Safari

One of the most entertaining and adventurous ways of exploring the nature is undoubtedly the jeep safari. The jeep safari, which can be carried out in all seasons and all weather conditions, is a very entertaining spore especially addressing nature lovers who love the adventure and adventure of challenging conditions of nature. Keep your electronic devices such as telephones and photocopiers in a sheltered place because you will get a lot of water during your journey. It is possible to make jeep safari in almost every region of our country. Kazdağları, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Marmaris, Datça, Kas, Alanya, Side, Sakarya are hosting the most famous jeep safari routes.

10) Hiking
Turkey Outdoor Sports - Hiking

This sport, which is a type of trekking, includes a low level of difficulty and often day trips to nature. This sport, which can be done by anyone of all ages and does not require any training, can be considered as a kind of life style. If you have found a suitable route and have basic equipment such as walking shoes, backpacks, guidebooks, etc., then you have the necessary conditions to hike. There are thousands of routes for hiking in every region of our country, every season, and they are all home to excellent visuals. Within these routes are the most known hiking trails in Cappadocia, Ölüdeniz Kayaköy, Göcek-Gökçeovacık, Gölcük-Bozdağ, Kocaeli-Hotakdere and Şile-Ağva.

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