Cedar (Sedir) Island Mugla

29Sedir Island is one of the most important tourist destinations of Aegean Region. Muğla’s Akyaka neighborhood in the ruins, natural beauties and antiquities reminiscent of many local and foreign tourists attract interest. The Sedir Island, which dates back to the 6th century BC, was also known in ancient times as Kedrae and Cedrae.

Because the area around this area is covered with shrubs, olives, pine and cedar trees, the name of the island, formerly called Cedrae, comes from Cedrus, which means cedar tree in Latin. Sedir Island, one of the important cities of Carianism from the native peoples of Anatolia, carries traces from Helen and Greek culture. It is said that the unique golden-colored sand of the island, which joined the Attic Delos Union in 454 BC-428 BC, was brought to Egypt by Queen for Cleopatra and for the Roman Commander Antonius.

Sedir Island

In reality this is due to the geomorphological rocks of the island. These sands, which are the result of the erosion of the rocks formed centuries ago, cause the island to have a beach that is not his wife in the world. This island, which is protected by this property, is known as a place especially famous for Cleopatra Beach.

Where is Cedar Island

In addition to this, Sedir Island, which contains the ancient city of Kedrai consisting of towers, walls, Apollo temple, church, ancient theater, agora and ancient harbor remains made of cut stone, is used in different sources like Şehroğlu Island, Poetry Island, Love Island, Honeymoon Island also referred to by names. Blue sea, beaches and ancient ruins in Turkey with a unique value between the many sights of this island can stay in hotels, guesthouses and also has excellent restaurants and cafeterias, as well as to eat their meals.

Where is Cedar Island?

Sedir Island, which has an impressive beauty with its naturalness and historical structure, is located in the Gulf of Gökova, which is located on the borders of Muğla.

How Do You Get to Sedir Island?

Cedar Island is one of the major tourist attractions to be seen in Turkey, Mugla, 62 km and 23 km from Marmaris situates them. You can also reach the island by regular boat trips from Çamlı Village of Marmaris.

How Do You Get to Sedir Island

Sedir Island, one of the magnificent natural beauties of Muğla, is awaiting exploration with its sea of every tone of the blue, ancient ruins of thousands of years ago and the beach of nature!

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