Uludag Ski Center

Winter holiday plans and tour schedules for the next season are being made. The majority of holidaymakers are already making hotel reservations for winter. Turkey is one of the great countries where 4 seasons are experienced at the same time. It has exceptional holiday areas where you can ski in winter. One of these regions is Uludag Ski Center. This place, which is based in Bursa Province, is the largest ski resort in Turkey. In the winter months, hundreds of thousands of tourists attract. Ski resorts are very professional. The quality of service offered in this region is top-level. It is a place that attracts attention with its hotels, services and ski areas. It is not only Turkey, but also one of the important ski areas of Europe.

uludag ski resort

To go to Uludag Ski Center, you must first come to Bursa province. From here you can reach the ski centre. If you purchased your holiday through a tour company, you don’t have to worry about transportation. They’ll do everything for you. It may be difficult to find a hotel available here. Because in the winter season, they work with a capacity of 100%. Early booking is required. The most appropriate period for this is the autumn season. You’ll get more economical prices, and you’ll definitely find a place in a hotel. If you have not visited Uludag before, we strongly recommend that you make your first trip a tour company.

Uludag Ski Center

Uludag Ski Center
bursa turkey snow season

In Uludag, the season starts at the beginning of December and continues until the end of March. Only ski enthusiasts do not visit the Uludag ski Center. It is a region that attracts tourists with its magnificent nature. You can grill on snow and store plenty of oxygen. You can rent ski equipment here at an affordable price and you can even get a special ski lesson. In addition to the ski lessons for groups, you can also take private lessons. If you go to Uludag, do not forget to tour the cable car. Don’t go back to the whole area looking down the hill and watching that magnificent view.

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