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If you have a family who loves to have fun and take a vacation, the most exclusive beaches in Turkey, you may want to examine the excellent seafood and the great facilities. Here we have also explored great destinations for you to spend a pleasant summer Turkey Holiday Destinations with your family.

Antalya Holiday Locations Antalya Holiday Locations

One of the places to vacation in Turkey is undoubtedly the mention of mental Antalya. It’s the perfect time to explore dozens of different areas in this place where you can have a great time with long beaches, blue-eyed seas and many accommodation! You can go swimming in Kemer, Tekirova Phaselis, Çıralı, Olympos and Adrasan and you can camp in Çıralı, a paradise in the middle of a nature. For those who are looking for warm, shallow beaches, you can have a great holiday in Phaselis beaches and Adrasan bay in the ancient city. You can also make cheap Turkey holiday by booking early.

Dalaman Holiday Locations Dalaman Holiday Locations

Dalaman is a quiet area where you can reach the sea in a few minutes from the airport. Pine forests and sequined covered hills are hidden behind the beach, which is formed by fairly long sandy and fine pebbles. You can experience the holiday experience that you can experience in two different times at the same time.

Marmaris Holiday Locations Marmaris Holiday Locations

Although Marmaris has more and more popular places in recent years, it can still be found in more calm places. Marmaris, Icmeler, Turunç and Kumlubük you can go to the sea. In general, you can come across waves, sandy or pebbly seas.

Datça Holiday Locations Holiday In Datca

Datça is a wonderful limestone for those who are holidaying in a calm holiday among almond trees. Due to the difficulty of the road, it can maintain its calmness compared to other resorts. This region will captivate you with a dreamy koiler and a beautiful air that can be breathed even in summer. The beaches are usually set in a gravelly and stony area. In Datca you can visit Kızılbük, Hayıtbükü, Ovabükü and Palamutbükü. In addition, you can also go to the cool waters that refresh people in the summer heat …

Holiday in Akyaka akyaka paragliding

Akyaka is a paradise paradise where green and blue pass. Especially with your children planning to make a holiday, this area is definitely one of your preferences with accommodation offering a choice of shallow sea, sandy beaches and many aparthotels within walking distance.

Turkey Holiday Destinations Holiday in Bodrum Holiday in Bodrum Turkey

If you have never been to Bodrum before, you will admire the view you see especially at night. You will see that the fun at Bodrum beaches never ends in the daytime. If you are planning a fun holiday, you should go to Bodrum knowing what you are expecting. Otherwise you can not decide what to do. For example, during the day you can visit the most beautiful villages of Bodrum and you can go to the sea from a different point every day. You should definitely explore the Bodrum bars street. You can also visit the shops located under the small stone buildings that you can shop around here.

Cesme Beaches Cesme Beaches

When you see the white sand and turquoise waters of Çeşme Ilica beach, “this is definitely the beach that embellishes my dreams!” you can think. A beach with sandy ground that does not immediately deepen, immaculate waters. Although the water is a bit cold and breezy, it is also possible to find calm or ripple between the beaches of Çeşme. Çeşme beaches, which are one of the most popular holiday places of recent years, are beaches that have a lot of interest in summer.

Holiday destinations close to Istanbul: Kilyos, Şile beaches Kilyos Coast

Kilyos and Şile beaches, which are located right next to Istanbul, are thin sandy beaches. You can easily find beach clubs, public beaches, places for every taste and budget. You can spend nice time on the sandy beaches with children on the Black Sea coast, where it is a bit of luck to find a peaceful and calm sea in these Black Sea coasts where the holiday village atmosphere can be felt without going away from Istanbul.

Balikesir – Ayvalik Balikesir - Ayvalik

Ayvalık is one of the places you absolutely should see. You can also enjoy a romantic sunset with your lover or your partner at the highest peak of Ayvalik, located here on Satan Hill. You can get rid of the stress on the beach at Sarimsakli. We should also point out that this has been proven by the world health organization to carry the world’s finest sand properties. You can safely vacation in Ayvalık, a small and charming holiday place, and make your children enjoy themselves.

Canakkale Bozcaada Holiday in Bozcada

Of course, Bozcaada is one of the proposals that we will present to you if you are thinking of getting rid of stress and being in the sea all around. This place, which for many times is a little cooler than its waters, is literally a corner of paradise. We can also recommend Ayazma beach because they will prefer this place. If you want to spend the most beautiful holidays of your dreams, we offer you to hire a motor and go all over the island.

Holiday in Amasra Amasra Holiday Turkey

Although the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts first come to mind in terms of sea, sand and sun holidays, Amasra, the charming town of the Black Sea, has a similar history with its 3000 year history, lush forests, beaches and architecture. Interesting historical Amasra houses and delicious fish restaurants can be experienced here. Amasra, which hosts a large number of hostels, has many accommodation facilities in summer, the most crowded period of your life. “Turkey holiday Destinations” I hope you’ve enjoyed our article. turkey holiday


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