Antalya, which is one of the southern cities of Turkey, has many touristic districts. Among them Alanya is in the first place. Alanya is an excellent town that welcomes millions of tourists every year. It is also known as a wonderful settlement with its beaches and holiday villages. With clean water and well-maintained beaches, this area is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations.

Alanya, traces of ancient Greek and Roman period. Although it is identified with the Ottomans and Turkey, it is possible to come across the remains and antique cities of many ancient Greek periods. Alanya is known as Kolonoros, meaning “Beautiful Mountain” in Greek language. And this name is also mentioned in ancient monuments and inscriptions. Before passing through the Ottoman period, he carried deep traces of Greek culture. Today, you can also find many Greek towns and cemeteries. In short, Alanya is also known as the intersection point of many civilizations. And this is one of the most important events that make this district meaningful.

In addition to the public beaches in Alanya, the beach of Cleopatra is very famous. The famous “Beauty and Love Goddess” Cleopatra is said to be beautiful on this beach. It is known that Cleopatra is actually ugly in ancient Greek artifacts. And after this plaja in Alanya is said to be a very beautiful woman.

One of the most recognizable structures of Alanya, which is built with huge walls and walls resembling the Great Wall, is the Red Tower. Built in a perfect location, this tower dominates all the spots of Alanya. And also in the Mediterranean at zero point.

Alanya is a region with excellent tourist attractions. Here you will find enormous self-catering facilities and enjoyable accommodation for every budget. You can find all the food cuisines of the world, especially Turkish cuisine and Asian cuisine.

Touring and sporting activities are organized in Alanya.

You can access the very short distance contact points for your desired event and start the tour.


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