Traditional Turkish Desserts

The most distinguished desserts of the Turkish cuisine are recognized by the World. But those who know the taste are very few. it is really a great lack to try such sweet varieties. If you have never tried the exquisite Turkish desserts before, you can try them now and you will witness the excellent tastes. Here are some of the nicest Turkish desserts that will take you very much.


Baklava is a dessert that listed and supported by UNESCO. You will not want to leave this flavor especially after you have tried the baklava that is identified with the city of Gaziantep. With its excellent taste and great image, you are sure to get your mind off your head. So you can start dreaming about Baklava already.

Turkish Baklava

Aşure or Noah’s Pudding

Aşure is among the most precious desserts of traditional Turkish cuisine. And although it is the perfect food that can be done every day, it can be done on more meaningful days. You have a great reason to taste this unique flavor. And that’s why, constantly, Ashure will make you jog to eat.

Aşure or Noah’s Pudding


It will be an excellent experience for you to try this dessert with a great image and great taste. Despite the appearance of the cake but you can believe it is a more delicious food than cake. You can cover the upper part with different ornaments.



In Gaziantep and Adana, you can eat in the morning hours of this exquisite dessert. Of course it is also possible to find it at all hours of the day. But eating breakfast in the morning will be a better choice for you. You can be sure that you will have a wonderful experience with plenty of pistachio künefe. Bon appetite already!



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