Istanbul Heybeliada Guide

Heybeliada is known as the biggest island of Istanbul after Büyükada. The reason for calling the island Heybeliada is quite impressive. Because when you look at this island from a distance, a similar “saddlebag” resembling the island will affect you. This is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Istanbul. Not only by nature, but also with its clean air and beauty, it is also famous for its institutions such as Bahriyesi, Sanatorium, Ruhban (Pastor) School.

Istanbul Heybeliada Guide

Today, the population of the island is around 7 thousand. However, in summer, this population increases several times. When a daily sight is added in the summer months, it can be assumed that Adan has exceeded 50 of the summer population.

Like other islands, ferry service to Heybeliada started in the mid-19th century. In this island where the rich Greeks live, there is a significant amount of Turkish population mobility due to the presence of the Bahriye. The population of the island was determined as 800 in 1820, but it rose to 2000 after the start of the ferry service. Like the other islands during the War of Independence and defense, Heybeliada calmed down and began to regain its vitality in the 1950s.

Istanbul Heybeliada Guide

The width of the island is 2,700 meters and the size is 1,200 meters. Heybeliada, consisting of 4 hills, is located in the middle of Istanbul islands. The highest peak is Değirmentepe (136 meters). Other hills are Taşocağı Hill, Makarios Hill and Ümit Tepesi. This hill, formerly known as the Reverend Hill, is 85 meters high and has a reverend school. There are 4 seaports in the island. Pine harbor and Bahriye harbor, which are in a beautiful bay, are the most important ones. The serious nature of the island, the Navy School, A Ofemy Ayaz to Turkey’s Heybeliada Sanatorium, the first sanatorium (Founded: 1924), Heybeliada, one of the famous residents Hüseyin Rahmi Gurpinar High School, Abbas Halim Pasha Mansion, Seminary, other religious structures and official buildings.

heybeliada sanatorium

There are two lanes on the island. There are two tours called “Grand Tour” and “Little Tour”, with great tours in the summer with donkeys and cars. Little Tur is also called Lovers’ Tour. Heybeliada, like the other islands of Istanbul, is free of motor vehicles. Evliya Çelebi records that Bostancibaşı and several Subaşı soldiers were present in Heybeliada and that the income of the island was given to Kaptan Pasha.

Istanbul Heybeliada Guide


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