Places to Visit in Buyukada

With the start of the summer months in Istanbul, the Island (buyukada) season opens. Islands are overflowing with local and foreign tourists. Those who do not have the opportunity to escape from the city in the hot summer months prefer to go to the Islands near Istanbul. Adalar, which is the touristic place of Istanbul today, used to have a very bad reputation. Büyükada’s name in the Byzantine period was Prinkipos, meaning the prince in Greek.

Places to Visit in Büyükada

As a result of political and religious disputes in the Byzantine throne, princes, princesses and statesmen were exiled to this island. Most of these people were blinded before they were sent to the Islands. For this reason, the Islands are also known as Prince Islands in English. By the 19th century, transportation was very difficult and almost impossible, so few people in the Islands have lived. For the first time in 1846, regular ferry services between İstanbul and Adalar started. After that date, more summer houses were built here. A small number of fishermen moved here.

Places to Visit in Büyükada

Büyükada Aya Yorgi Church
After arriving at the Amusement Park with a phaeton to reach the Aya Yorgi Church, you need to climb 1 km uphill. When climbing uphill, you can see climbers up here, or rope hanging from a roller. Some people, the trees in this region; houses, cars, and so on. In these pictures, people draw and hang things that they need. According to the Christian belief, those who visited the Church of Aya Yorgi were accepted as Hajj. In order to become a pilgrim, you have to visit the Virgin Mary Church in Ephesus. Aya Yorgi; It is an Orthodox Church built in 1751 in the name of Saint George. The chapel and prayer place made on this date is known as the old church. The other church made of stone was built in 1905.
Places to Visit in Büyükada

Buyukada Aya Yorgi

Buyukada Yucetepe Country Casino

Right next to Aya Yorgi Church is a nice cafe and restaurant with a view. If you get tired when going up, you can relax and spend time here. There is a magnificent view of the island from above. Especially the meatballs, sausages and pastries of this region are very beautiful. We strongly recommend your visit.

Buyukada Yucetepe

Büyükada Beach

The beach where the Büyükada Pier is located is quite crowded. There are many cafes and restaurants side by side. Especially fish and mussels are one of the most popular and preferred menus of the island. You can also eat ice cream and waffles in the summer months.


Buyukada Beaches

There are many beaches around Büyükada. In addition to public beaches, which are quite crowded on hot summer days, there are some special beaches. There are boutique hotels for those who want to stay on the island. If you want to spend your weekend at Büyükada, you will have the advantage of booking in advance.

buyukada beachs

How to go to Büyükada? Where is Büyükada?

You can reach Büyükada, which is located in the Marmara Sea in the south of Istanbul, with a few different ferry trips. This area is regularly ferry services from Istanbul Kabataş, Kadıköy and Bostanci regions. You can reach the ferry times from the following links.


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