Anıtkabir and Unknown Features

When Mustafa Kemal Ataturk died in Istanbul on November 10, 1938, the funeral was taken to Ankara, but temporarily he was admitted to the Ankara Ethnography Museum. An international project competition opened for a grave worthy of Ataturk. Emin Onat and Orhan Arda from the Turkish architects who won the competition won a joint project. The construction of Anıtkabir started in 1945 and was completed in 1953.

Anıtkabir and Unknown Features

The commission on the construction of the Ata’s municipality, Ethnography Museum decided to sue the Kabatepe, Ankara Castle, Altındağ and Gazi Forest Farm options on the back of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, while Aydın Deputy Mithat Aydin was later to be called “Anıttepe” ‘. After seeing the members of the commission, it was decided that the Anıtkabir should be made to Rasattepe upon the right of Aydın. The words “What a beautiful monument place on this hill …” which Atatürk had spilled from his mouth during his trip to Rasattepe many years ago did not make a statement about where he would be buried to the Turkish nation.

ataturk burial

Anitkabir, which is composed of lion’s path, ceremonial square, mausoleum and ten members on an area of ​​750 thousand square meters, is located 907 meters high. Ata’s Grave is a 40-ton embossed sarcophagus made of monolithic marble. It is buried in the grave chamber about 7 meters below the heart of the Turkish people. Atatürk is the octagonal burial chamber made according to the Seljuk-Ottoman cupolas architecture, the Caber Castle in Syria, the Turkish martyrdom in Turkey, the home garden where he was born, the land of the motherland, blended with the TRNC and the lands brought from ills.

anitkabir mozale

Every architectural element in Anıtkabir, which is surrounded by sacred values ​​for the Turkish nation, has a different meaning. The 24 lions on the right and left of the 262-meter Aslan road leading to Ata’s cabin represent “24 Oghuz-neck”. The fact that the lions are selected as the symbol of power in Turkish culture and the lion figures are in the position of lying like cats while emphasizing the “unity and integrity” of the nation, is symbolizing the “peacefulness” of this great power. On the Aslanlı road, where the visitors are directed to keep up with the spiritual atmosphere of the musical ritual, the stones are laid out with a 5-cm grass gap in front of Ataturk so that the “heads are inclined forward”.

Architecture of Anıtkabir

In Anıtkabir, which is placed in the soil like a part of a ship under water to make it resistant against the depression, the inner walls and the ground of the mozzolin are covered with the most excellent marbles, while the ceilings are decorated with colored and golden barbed Italian mosaics. Ten towers built by an architect whose names reflect the national values ​​of the country and which reflect the characteristics of the Seljuk tent architecture add a distinct value to the silhouette of the Anıtkabir.

construction of anitkabir

Like the other elements of Anıtkabir, the flagpole is also very special … Anitkabir’s flag pole of 33.5 meters long was sent from the United States in 1946 by a Turkish citizen named Nazmi Cemal. You can see 29.5 meters of the mast, which is buried under the scale of 4 meters.

The Atatürk Museum in Anıtkabir also hosts Ata’s many rare pieces reflecting his personal life from Foks’s shaving kit, to his very special gifts from his walking sticks. Ata’s mother and father’s photographs, Turkey printed with ancient writings and Latin letters given by the Republic of two identification cards, carrying on his chest, which is one of the most favorite medal in 1917, Sultan Mehmet V Resat given by gold concession medals, Soviet Marshal Voroshilov and Among the striking pieces of watches are sculpted with precious stones and a delightful product that the Iranian Shah Pahlavi presents.

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