Sirince Village

Sirince Village, which is located between the green hills surrounded by olive trees, is one of the places that comes to mind first when it comes to places to visit in Izmir. This village retains the original architectural history, Turkey, welcomes thousands of visitors all over.

Sirince, a Greek Cypriot village whose population does not reach 2 centuries ago, opened its doors to the Turks from Rumelia with the exchange. This village, which has gone through viniculture, wine production and olive cultivation until the time of the exchange, has had to take a break for a while because its new residents have a history of tobacco.

Sirince Village

It is not a coincidence that this village is included in touristic tours in every period of the year because it is close to the touristic centers which are attracted to intense interest like Ephesus Antique City, Virgin Mary and Kuşadası.

Sirince is a lush green place with a decent name. The village’s architectural texture, which has been declared a protected area, is preserved by faithfulness to its former. Sirince, whose houses are two storeys, grows people with mansions that look like a picture in a remote green nature. It is very pleasant to walk among the old houses in the stone-paved narrow streets of Sirince. As you travel in the streets, it feels like you are on your time journey in history.

Sirince Village

A wide variety of products and rare handicraft products are offered to visitors, from the famous Circe bazaar to the clothing, wine, sabudan glass works. Almost all of Sirince‘s streets have handmade countertops.

Sirince Village

UNESCO World Heritage Ephesus Antique City in Selçuk, Selçuk Museum, St. Jean Basilica, Virgin Mary’s House, Temple of Artemis are among the places to see while visiting Sirince.

The inhabitants of the village are extremely warm and sincere people. Many houses in the village have been restored and converted into pensions and restaurants. Delicious food is served to visitors in a wide range of cuisine, from obscure beaks to local herb meats to sirloin meatballs in Sirince’s streets.

Local jewels, scarves, wooden carving items are being sold here every day by the villagers on street stalls. There are many shops selling fruit wine here. The producers say that almost all the fruit can be produced.

Sirince Village

Places to be seen in Sirince

After visiting Sirince Village, the best place to relax is Çınaraltı Square, a place famous for centuries-old plane trees. Fresh tea tea is enough to get all your tiredness in this charming village.

How to get to Sirince?

Sirince, which is located in the Selçuk district of Izmir, is located 8 km to Selçuk, 12 km to Ephesus Antique city, 30 km to Kuşadası and 85 km to İzmir.

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