Natural Wonders of the Canyons in Turkey

Canyons in Turkey, as a country which is known for its natural beauty in the foreground. There are many points to visit and see. Touring around here will give you the opportunity to see and experience a different view. visuals of the canyon is the natural place in Turkey because they are places here that must be seen. You can come across the canyon to every corner of Turkey. Some canyons also have sporting activities. If you want to visit this place you can join the tours and you can also explore it and discover new places. When you want to visit these points, be sure to take your camera machine with you. By taking pictures of these natural beauties you can add travel agenda. The wonders of nature in the Canyons in Turkey, have identified for you. You can start your trip to the nearest mountain and see all of nature’s wonders.

Göksu Canyon, Mersin
Goksu Canyon

This canyon is known for its calmness compared to others. The canyon walls are 100 meters in some areas. Located in the Central Toros, this canyon is one of the places to be seen. Water sports are being held in Mersin Göksu canyon. It will be an ideal choice for beginners in water sports. Because the calm flow of water makes it easy for new beginners. Rafting and canoeing are among these activities. If you want to experience a different experience you can visit the region.

Köprülü Canyon, Antalya
Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü Canyon starts in the Sütçüler district of Isparta. It pours into the sea in Antalya. There is also a bridge in this wonderful cabin. You can watch the stream of water on the bridge. The landscape will also amaze you and help you to experience exciting moments. There are places to eat and drink coffee around the canyon. Dining across the landscape will be quite enjoyable. For those who want to stay there are also tree houses. This will be the ideal choice for those who want to spend time on the canvas.

Karacehennem Canyon, Kastamonu
Karacehennem Canyon

This canyon is 550 km away from Istanbul and 300 km away from Ankara. In addition, this canyon is composed of two separate canvases and one of them is called “Ersizlerdere Canyon“. This canyon is 2.5 kilometers long. The other is called Karacehennem Strait. Its length is 3.5 kilometers. This area with past history is formed by water erosion. It has a completely natural look for it. Located in the Küre Mountains, this region has waterfalls, ponds and fresh water supply. There is no area where you can stay in this tourist-friendly region. If you want to make a safari, you need to take care of your needs. Wild boar, bear and rabbit are the bird species living in the region.

Eşen Çayı Canyon, Muğla
Eşen Çayı Canyon

The length of this canyon is 125 kilometers. It is located within the borders of the Muğla city of 80 kilometers. The water in this region is calm, but in some periods it flows quickly. Local and foreign tourists who enjoy canoeing in this area enjoy the scenery. The mud bath in the district is also very famous. You can enjoy pleasant moments by making a mud bath. Then you can wash in canyon water with a temperature of 12 to 13 degrees to get rid of the mud. Though the water is cold, it will keep you alive. There are areas where you can watch the scenery by walking on the canyon.

Coruh Valley, Erzurum

Coruh ValleyCoruh Valley is a great natural area located within the boundaries of Erzurum known as Turkey’s and the world’s fastest flowing river. Rafting and canoeing are available on a private track. You can enjoy the scenery and experience the excitement of canoeing. Çoruh Valley is famous for its plant species and birds. You will also be able to see different butterflies. Many native and foreign tourists want to portray natural beauties. When you go to Erzurum, you must visit this region. World water sports championships were held in this region in 1993.

Ihlara Valley, Aksaray
Ihlara Valley, Aksaray

Ihlara Valley one of Turkey’s rare beauty, situated between are definitely the place to be seen. This will surely captivate you with its scenery. The region has hosted many civilizations in the past. The length of the valley is 14 kilometers. If you want to be nested with nature and want to see a different landscape, you can visit the region.

Lamas Canyon, Mersin
Lamas Canyon

You can swim in the summer in this Kanyon, where both sides are steep. In the summer months, this area is home to many activities, rafting can also be done. You can experience colorful moments that are ideal for professionals. You can also walk as many times as you like in the canyon. The length of the vertical walls is 200 meters in some areas. You can also see the splendor of the walls. This is a day trip and you can experience a different safari adventure.

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