Where is Bozcaada? How to Go to Bozcaada?

Located north of the Aegean Sea, an island of Bozcaada in Çanakkale, Turkey‘s third largest island. The island is 37-6 square kilometers in size, has 12 coves and 12 headland. There are 17 small islands around the island. Bozcaada is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate and has a very low moisture content. Although the population of the island is 2276 in official records, the population of the island with the tourists coming in summer can be 10,000.


In order to understand what this region means, you must first go to the Bozcaada museum. You should watch the sunrise with your wife and a wine in the Batı Burnu or the other name “West Nose“. As you swim in the island waters, you have come across dozens of sea flora. For this reason you should enter the sea with a snorkel and glasses. Go up to the top of Bozcaada Castle and enjoy your time here. For those who like to read the book, there is a bookstore and a choreographer in the island. Keep your baggage with you at all times because plastic bags are forbidden to walk around the island. Be careful of the speed of your car as you can get rid of animals while driving a car. Stealing the horn while driving a car in the island is not welcomed by the island’s inhabitants. Car rental centers also serve visitors. Public buses are also available in Bozcaada, and services are available to the beaches.

Where to Stay in Bozcaada?

Believe in Bozcaada, small and friendly accommodation is waiting for you. These places, run by the island’s residents, appeal to every taste and every budget. A total of two thousand five hundred guests on the island can be accommodated in these accommodation centers at the same time. In July and August, there is often a lot of space due to the intensity of living. Breakfast is served at many accommodation in this area. At breakfasts, especially natural table olives, molasses, tomato paste, fruit and vegetable varieties, natural dairy products, pastries are served. In Bozcaada, accommodation prices are higher than resorts. So try not to mislead these charges and choose the one that is best for you.


After Çanakkale, Geyikli-Bozcaada signposts are followed and the Geyikli Ferry Boat Pier is reached in about 50 minutes.

You can reach the pier by following the signs of Ezine and Geyikli without going to Çanakkale.


By Sea Buses; During the summer season, there are extra-day sea bus services between Çanakkale and Bozcaada. The ride is only about 1 hour.

Transportation by airplane; The nearest airport to Bozcaada is Çanakkale Airport, which is located 56 kilometers away. THY is organized between Çanakkale-Istanbul and Çanakkale-Ankara only in summer and winter in certain days of the week.

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