Yeşildere Waterfall and Crying Rock

Yeşildere Waterfall, also known as Ağlayan Kaya “Crying Rock” Waterfall, is one of the most visited places of Denizli Province. This is where abundance of greenery and waterfalls where trout and poultry are grown. This is a place worth seeing because of its natural beauties. The reason for the so-called “crying rock” is that the green creek waterfall in the region has brought the wonder of nature resembling a crying rock.

The place called the crying rock is the name of the region. When you come to this region during the summer heat you will feel a cooling off. The coolness of the waterfalls in the region cool you. When you wash your hand and face with these cold waters, you will come to yourself. You will throw away your troubles and tiredness along the way. You should absolutely visit the pools where the trout are located. Later on, poultry breeding places.

Where and How to Go to Yeşildere Waterfall and Crying Rock?

When you come here, you meet one place and the name of this place is Hodja. There is no other facility around. However, it is a place where the facility owner’s name, which is identified with the crying rock, is called trout production. The facility prices are remarkable. At affordable prices, you can eat trout here and have a pleasant day. There are rest and accommodation facilities here. It is the perfect place for nature lovers and river lovers. You can relax here with a tired cup of tea. Then you can enjoy a perfect trout ..

Yeşildere Waterfall and Crying Rock

Where and How to Go to Yeşildere Waterfall and Crying Rock?

It is located approximately 30 kilometers from the center of Denizli. It is possible to reach Crying Rock via Pamukkale road or Çal town. Minibuses pass through the crying rock road.

If you want to go with your own vehicle, you will be led by the signs of the rocky green creek cousin who weeps along the road. Traveling on average from Denizli center takes 1 hour.

Address; Village of Sakızcılar, Çal, Denizli

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