World Famous Dessert – Baklava

Have you ever heard of Baklava, one of the most important desserts of traditional Turkish cuisine? If you have not heard it, go to Turkey and definitely test this unique flavor. And I believe that when you return to your country, you will receive a packet Baklava. Because this dessert has a wonderful flavor. And he will take your mind from you. How to prepare a delicious Baklava and how to serve it? Here are the little tips…

Turkish Baklava

All About Baklava

Baklava is a sweet variety that can be made with yufka. You can do this unique sweetie with very thin and very wide yufka. But everything is not that simple. Because you will be expecting a very difficult and lengthy process. Because the main figure, sherbet, should not be neglected. Because if you have a very perfect yufka, a poorly prepared sherbet can ruin everything. This will require you to fully comply with the preparation process. Once you have opened the divan very thinly, then you have to put these duvets on top. And enough peanuts are sprinkled between all of these yufkas. You can open these duvets in 3 or more layers. This is your choice. Generally 7-fold yufka is more preferred in Turkish cuisine. For this reason, prefer 7-fold baklava used yufka.

Gaziantep Baklava

Gaziantep is a city located in the Southeastern Turkey and identified with culinary culture. And when you come to this city you will see that there are restaurants and catering companies everywhere. It is claimed that it has the richest cuisine of the world. And there is probably no one who can say the opposite.

Turkish Baklava

Gaziantep masters, baklava is carefully done. The top layer is usually roasted and swollen in oil. Although this looks very perfect, the middle part is usually more beautiful. Because the peanut poured in the middle part is much more. And that is what makes Baklava perfect.

Turkish Baklava

In many places in Turkey you can find baklava places. But the main center is Gaziantep. Gaziantep Baklava is also known to be on UNESCO’s protection list today. You can test this unique flavor in place.

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