Where to Eat Fish in Urla

When I saw the pictures of Akın’s Place on the internet, I thought that I should definitely go here. Besides the fish we are used to seeing in the restaurants of European cities, the crest and other seashells adorn the counter in the picture I see. We turned our way around Urla and found the port of Özbek village and the place of Akin.

Akin’s Place Fish Restaurant

Akin’s Place Fish Restaurant

Of course we were surprised when we saw a small fish restaurant, although we have expected a couple of rooms and a place with dozens of tables in the garden. On Sunday we were asked if we had any reservations when we went to the restaurant we went to in the afternoon, but when we said that we were not, we could finally sit in the last bar which was empty.


What Did We Eat at Akin’s Place?

It was in the form of a system of ordering at the restaurant, where you would go to the counter and choose the fish, seafood and grains you wanted and table number. We went to the counter. Of course, when we went on a busy day, the varieties on the counter were about to run out. We have tried many kinds of fish dishes as well as appetizer dishes. The most preferred ones are; strawberry curd, calmar filling, baby squid grill, oysters, jumbo shrimp, sardines in bloom, stuffed fish biceps, octopus grill, Aegean herbs, marinated sea bass and anchovies …


The meals were all very fresh. We especially loved the strawberry barb and stuffed calamari. We also fancied having unique varieties that were not found everywhere in the menus.

In general, it is a place to try different and interesting varieties Akin’s Place. This is a place where we will want to stop by and visit a beautiful fish feast again and again.

Where is Akın’s Place?

Akın is located in the port of Uzbek village outside Urla center, about 10 km away from Urla. Traveling a bit in the beautiful, quiet coast of the Uzbek port and then starting the fish banquet can be a perfect day trip. Later on, you will be able to visit this excellent region as you wish and make a great holiday.

Akin’s location address
Uzbek Akkum (across the port) Urla, Izmir

Akin’s Google Map Location

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