Uludag Ski Center

Uludağ, which is located within the boundaries of Bursa, is one of the biggest mountains of Turkey. This is not only a ski resort but also one of the most striking centers of nature walks. The lowest point of Uludağ is approximately 22543 meters. And the width is about 20 kilometers.

Bursa, one of the most modern cities in Turkey, hosts many sporting events and touristic activities. The most typical example of this is Uludağ. Uludağ, which is visited by thousands of people every year, is a great place for both sightseeing and sports activities. It is considered one of the most valuable winter ski resorts in the world.

Uludağ will be the perfect option for you with its hundreds of different skiing sports areas. Because it is a privilege to spend time in Uludağ, which is a wonderful destination with its historical roots and important symbols.

Uludağ Ski Center, which has been considered as a tourism area for almost 50 years, hosts thousands of ski lovers each year. He has hosted many international sporting events. It is known as one of the most distinguished ski resorts in the world.

There are dozens of accommodation centers and hotels around Uludag. It also creates an excellent landscape with wonderful mountain pawn houses. We can say that it is a great experience to spend a pleasant weekend or honeymoon here.

There are 11 cable cars in Uludağ Ski Center. This is an excellent choice that can be favored by those who are adrenaline-ridden. You can also do different activities and mountain sports events here. This is an excellent option for a holiday in your dreams.

Uludağ is not only a ski resort but also a living area. 30 years ago Uludağ was divided into 2 different areas. Some of them are named Uludağ Ski Center. The rest is an area where normal life is maintained. Here you can find the most delicious food and drinks from different cuisines.

Hurry to spend a fantastic holiday in Uludag, one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in the world!

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