Turkish Tea Sign of Friendship

Turks really know this job very well. Are you ready to meet tea, one of the most creative drinks of Turkish cuisine? Or are you ready to meet the Turkish Tea with a more accurate term? Then we leave you with this wonderful flavor.

Turkish Tea Sign of Friendship

Turkish Tea
Turkish tea, unlike known teas, is known for its excellent taste and excellent preparation process. It takes almost half an hour to prepare a tea. This is well above the known tea process. Because you know that a tea is prepared and served within 4-5 minutes. But you will have to be a little patient to have Turkish tea. Well, why is the Turkish Tea so different?

Turkish Tea Sign of Friendship

The duration of infusion is an important factor in Turkish Tea. Waiting for infusion of tea during this time can sometimes be a very troubling situation. After the infusion is over, the tea is kept waiting. Tea, left to stand for about 10 minutes, can now be served. And the desired number of cups can be filled.

Turkish Tea Sign of Friendship

More About Turkish Tea

The Turkish Stream is usually produced in the Black Sea Region. This area has extensive agricultural land. And many wet farming products, mainly tea, are grown here. Hazelnut and chestnut are some of them. The most valuable tea producers in the world are in this region.

Turkish Tea Sign of Friendship

Turkish tea is usually made at all meals. You will see houses where you can find this tea 24 hours a day. And the first drink that comes to mind is tea. When you go to a hospice, you can easily find the love you have with the Tea service. Never refuse Turkish tea, which is one of the most important symbols of hospitality. You can also experience this unique tea that can be visited by thousands of cafes and restaurants where you can find Turkish Tea.

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