Turkish Salep – Turkish Winter Beverage

Turkish Salep, one of the most distinguished drinks of Turkish cuisine, is an indispensable winter season. If you have not tasted this unique drink made with milk and adorned with cinnamon, you should be sorry to say that you have lost a lot of yourself. You ask why? Because this wonderful drink will take your mind from you and give you an excellent experience. Here is all you need to know about Salep.

Turkish Salep

You have never heard of this before. But now you know. And if you pass to Turkey, do not neglect to drink this drink. After you drink it, you will understand why. Why is Peki Salep so praised?

Salep – Turkish Winter Beverage

Salep is a drink identified with Turkey. And it can taste a very different drink with its ornaments. Most of the time you can decorate with cinnamon. Or with chocolate or other things. Your choice is yours. Salep, an indispensable winter season, will have a hot drink. And if you wish, you can also drink cold. But I think you will get a better flavor by drinking hot.

There are different rumors about Salep’s motherland. Some say it is China, some Japan, and some are India. But according to an uncertain source, Turkey is your homeland of this unique drink. Because, when you look at the countries that have all these names, the Turks have really made this drink an art. You can decide that and you can testify to where it can be done better.

Turkish Salep
Turkish Salep

Salep will be made with flour and milk

Different products can be used in their components. But generally pure Salep is preferred. The fact that it is one of the indispensable beverages of the Sultan and the sultans in the old days has changed the angle of view to this drink. And even though it can be sold almost at the grocery store today, it will provide you with a more perfect flavor to drink from the places you have made. The choice is yours!

Turkish Sahlep
Turkish Salep

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