Turkey's Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Every year, millions of tourists flock to Turkey from many parts of the world. Every corner of Turkey resembles a paradise. Historical buildings and natural beauties have spread to 81 cities of Turkey. There are some cities that are separated from other cities and more tourists come from around the country. There are many reasons for attracting tourists here. Here are 10 of our most touristic cities, I hope you like your choice. If you have questions, you can write in the comments section.

10- Nevşehir

Nevsehir is a very pretty city located in the Central Anatolian Region. The Cappadocia region, which is identified with this city, is very famous. Peribacaları and balloon tours here are interesting to many local and foreign tourists.

9- Gaziantep

The city of Gaziantep in Southeastern Anatolia Region attracts many tourists throughout the year due to its historical structure. This city, especially famous for its baklava, is one of the places you should see. Tasty food will be waiting for you in Gaziantep, where food culture is quite advanced.

8- Muğla

Muğla is located in the Mediterranean region. Mugla, mostly sea tourism has come to the fore. Marmaris and Bodrum districts have become frequented by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. It is a pleasant option to visit Mugla, known as the sea, sand and sunshine center.

7- Çanakkale

Çanakkale is a wonderful city located in the Marmara region. The fact that Turkey owes its national victory to this city puts the city in a more meaningful place. As a Turkish poet said, “Çanakkale is the life vein of Turkey“. The tourists who come here live emotional moments. Çanakkale, known for its historical and natural beauties, is waiting for you with its all natural beauties and historical riches.

6- Denizli

Denizli is located in the Aegean region. Denizli is associated with Pamukkale which is the scene of mysterious journeys. Many local and foreign visitors come here. Having one of the best views in the world, Pamukkale hosts many local and foreign tourists during the year. One of the most important figures of the city, Cock “Horoz” has become the local symbol of Denizli. You will witness that it is the perfect place to travel.

5- Bursa

Bursa is a charming city located in Aegean Region. It is known as industry, commerce and tourism city. Bursa, one of the first capitals of the Ottoman Empire, has many historical buildings. Many local and foreign tourists come to see these historical buildings. Bursa city known with İskender kebab is waiting for you with all its beauty.

4- Edirne

Edirne is located in the Marmara region. There are many historic buildings in Edirne, which is the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Many visitors are coming to this city during the year to see these historic buildings. Edirne, known as Turkey’s gateway to Europe, honors you with all its splendor.

3- Izmir

Izmir is located in the Aegean Region. Known for its natural beauties and historical structures, many local and foreign visitors come to İzmir city during the year. It is a great privilege to visit Izmir, known as the Pearl of the Aegean.

2- Istanbul

Why to Visit Turkey
Istanbul is located in Marmara Region. It is considered as an important tourist city not only in Turkey but also in world order. Istanbul has been the capital of many empires. Istanbul has many historical buildings as well as cultural symbols. There are millions of visitors from all over the world to visit these buildings. Hurry to visit Istanbul, the capital city of civilization!

1- Antalya

Antalya is located in the Mediterranean region. This city is the first place that comes to mind in terms of sea, sand and sun. Tourists are flocking here all over the world in summer. Apart from this, many historical buildings also make it a home city, making this city privileged. The city of Antalya, known as the capital of maritime tourism, is Turkey’s largest tourist destination. Seeing this unique city waiting for you will be a great privilege

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