Turkey’s 7 Wonders of Nature Falls

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Giresun- Kuzalan Waterfall
Kuzalan Waterfall

The waterfall is located on the Giresun – Şebinkarahisar road, 20 km from the Dereli district of Giresun and about 50 km from the center of Giresun. The waterfall, which flows from a height of about 20 meters, creates a beautiful view of the roadside. One kilometer behind the Kuzalan waterfall is Mavigöl, which has unique beauty and is named after the color of the water.

Erzincan Girlevik (Caglayan) Waterfall
Erzincan Girlevik (Caglayan) Waterfall

Girlevik Waterfall located in the Çağlayan District in the south east of Erzincan is 35 kilometers away from the center of Erzincan. The water of the Girlevik Waterfall comes from Kalecik Village located on the slope of the Munzur Mountains. The water exits from nine different areas and reaches a waterfall with a creek bed to the waterfall. The height of the waterfall is 30-40 m. Girlevik (Caglayan) Waterfall, which offers the possibility of climbing the stalactites formed by the cooling of the water in winter and cooling off in cold waters in the summer, is also a promenade famous for its natural coolness and beauty.

Rize-Ayder Gelin Tulu Waterfall
Rize-Ayder Gelin Tulu Waterfall

Come Tulu Waterfall, 85 km from Rize city center. Ayder Plateau is located in the distance. The waterfall that takes this name because it resembles a bride ‘s tulle is a wonderful natural wonder. The main source of the waterfall, which is born from the mountains in the north-south direction, which separates the Ayder, Samistal and Hazindak highlands, and the melt snow clumps in the highlands.

Denizli Crying Rock “Ağlayan Kaya” (Yeşildere) Waterfall
Yeşildere Waterfall and Crying Rock

The Ağlayan Kaya Waterfall in Denizli, also known as Yeşildere Waterfall, is one of the most visited places of Denizli. Crying Rock (Yeşildere Waterfall) It is located 35 km from Denizli. You can get here via Pamukkale road or Çal town. The average journey from the center of Denizli takes about one hour. The waters of the waterfall spill from a height of 30 meters. The reason for the celestial cave rock is that the Yeşildere Waterfall located in the region has brought the wonder of nature resembling a crying rock.

Düzce Güzeldere Waterfall
Düzce Güzeldere Waterfall

The Güzeldere Waterfall, located within the boundaries of the Gölyaka district of Düzce, is 28 km from Düzce and 16 km from Gölyaka. Güzeldere Waterfall covers approximately 23 hectares of

land in the town of Gölkaya in Düzce and is located on the Bıçkı creek. The area was declared as a promenade in 1993 and as a Natural Park in 2011. Güzeldere Waterfalls is naturally poured from a height of 120 meters.

Samsun Kabaceviz Waterfall
Samsun Kabaceviz Waterfall

Kabaceviz Waterfall is 32 km from Samsun and 22 km from Tekkeköy district center. The infiltration of the water flowing from the waterfall, which is about 60 meters high, adds a special meaning to beauty. No physical work is done on natural beauty in order not to disrupt the nature of the region. For this reason, part of the road is an alley. The best time to visit the region; The end of May – the beginning of October is the process.

Balıkesir – Edremit Sutüven Waterfall
Balıkesir - Edremit Sutüven Waterfall

The Sutüven Waterfall, starting from the Sarıkız Plateau and continuing on the Kızılkeçeli Creek, is 4.5 km from the Zeytinli Village of the Edremit District of Balikesir. Altınoluk-Edremit highway from the 20th km of Zeytinli Village is reached by turning. The Sutlux waterfall was established in 1992 and is located within the three hectares of the Ida Mountains, within the triangulation of Hasan Boguldu Pond, where the Kızılkeçili Stream passes. The water of the waterfall falls from seventeen meters.

Waterfalls in Turkey

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