Marmaris is a unique region located on the southwest coast of Turkey. This area, which is bound to the city of Muğla, is nowadays adapted to Western cultures and at the same time has a texture bearing traces of eastern culture. This unique region, which is the main castle of many civilizations throughout history, today carries the remains of many civilizations. And the restoration process of these remains is still continuing.

Marmaris has come to an important stage in tourism especially in the last 20 years. Because there are dozens of different venues worth seeing around, it is often preferred by tourists. A large part of the year is cool and sunny. This makes Marmaris a holiday paradise. Today, millions of local and foreign tourists are preferred every year.

Marmaris is one of the most exclusive resorts in Mugla. Yacht tours, sightseeing, mountain sports, climbing, surfing and many other sports are easily and enjoyably done here. It hosts several international sports festivals every few years.

Marmaris In Holiday

There are many ancient cities in Marmaris. Especially Greek and Roman antique cities are located in these regions. And the remains are still being followed. Nightlife is very active and lively in Marmaris, which also has open-air theater and amphitheater. Famous for holiday villages and resort hotels, this peninsula offers all of the entertainment possibilities to the end.

One of the most important features of the region is culinary culture. In Marmaris, which has a very rich culinary culture, you will taste great food and sip excellent drinks. The area is also a wonderful destination with natural vegetation and climate. There are dozens of hotels and resorts that appeal to all age groups and you can have a great holiday.

Marmaris is not used for tourist purposes only. It is also used for cultural, religious and business purposes. In Meryen Main Church every year various rites are organized in Marmaris and thousands of different people come here every year. Besides being the ideal place for business meetings and sportsmen, it is one of the biggest advantages of this region.

If you want to have a great holiday here or make important meetings of your business life, hurry up.

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