From the formation of the Earth, the earth has taken different forms. Sometimes these forms are part of natural life, sometimes artificially. Turkey Geographical Features are divided into two parts, natural and artificial. Natural geography is a characteristic that can not be changed by human hand and can not be changed.

For example, a country’s place on the map. No matter which technology is used, it is impossible to relocate one country to another. Or the location of the ocean or a natural lake. In short, they are all a reflection of natural geography.

Turkey Geographical Features
Turkey Geographical Feature

On the other hand, there is also artificial geography. And artificial geography is probably one of the most searched formations. Artificial lakes and ponds are the greatest examples. In addition, artificial beaches have already started to be built recently. When all of this is taken into consideration, the display of maps can sometimes change.

Ecosystems can also be perceived artificially or naturally differently

For example, a tree that never grows in a region can grow up here beautifully. For example, cacti, identified with the American continent, can be brought to the Asian continent beyond its natural habitat. This brings the artificial ecosystem to the fountain. To give another example, when you bring the polar bears from the poles into a zoo, you bring the artificial ecosystem to the square. Or when you put a pond of a fish on the sea, you can bring it to the artificial ecosystem.

These examples can also be reproduced for water deposits, living things, constructions and very different tools and animals. And moreover, it may be possible to give this example to people. If we leave the First Era of the Indians where the Indians are unique to America, it is possible to find millions of Indians scattered on the surface today. Or the same for Eskimo.

It is possible to change to different dimensions or shapes by changing the shape of the place. One of the biggest reasons for this is tourism. The greatest reason for many artificial landforms is that people respond to their needs. In this case, people may search for the popularity of these new forms, which may give advantages to countries or commercial organizations.

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