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Along with the approach of the summer months, the seaside holiday also begin. I would like to thank all of you who have made a great holiday in Turkey. If you’re wondering the most exclusive holiday resorts, Turkey Beaches in Turkey, you can read our article.

Sarimsakli Beach (Ayvalık)

Sarimsakli Beach

One of the most precious regions of the Aegean coast, Ayvalik is the most beautiful beach you can visit in the sea. Along with being a garlic public beach, you can find various businesses along the 8 km coastline. The sea and the coastline are completely sandy, and you will witness this fascinating influence. In fact this region, which is also documented by Turkey and the world’s best sand that has the properties you can also discover the World Health Organization. The closest airport to the area is Edremit Airport.

Kefalos Beach (Gökçeada)

Kefalos Beach

One of the beaches that recently opened Gökçeada to windsurf and kitesurf tourism is Kefalos. This region is also known as the North Aegean Patara … It is very suitable for water sports with long sandy and windy areas. But if you want to spend a long time swimming in the sea, no one will say no to you. Surfers do not bother you, on the contrary watching them is a great joy. Also when you go here you can also make a mud bath in the Salt Lake near the beach. All coastline of Gökçeada is blue flagged. Flight services are made to Gökçeada in the summers.

Ayazma Beach (Bozcaada)

Ayazma Beach

One of the best addresses for cold sea lovers is Ayazma Beach. Ayazma is the biggest and most famous beach of Bozcaada. It is quite spacious and has a sandy beach. Regular minibus services are being provided from Bozcaada center to the region. Motorcycling is also common in the island. When you’re ready, rent a motor and run the island all over. The closest airport to Bozcaada is 56 km. Çanakkale Airport located in the distance. To get to the island, you have to board the ferries departing from Geyikli.

Lara Beach (Antalya)

Lara Beach

Lara is 18 km from Antalya city center. It is a wonderful shade in the distance. 2 km. length and 45 meters wide, Lara has a coastal sheridine consisting of fine sand. Since the fine sand of this place is good for rheumatic diseases, you can often come across those who set up tents in the beach in the summer months. The sea of ​​the region has been receiving blue flags for the last four years. The closest airport to here is Antalya Airport, 15 km away.

Kaputas Beach (Kaş)

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas beach, between Kalkan and Kaş, is a beach 7 km away from Kalkan. You can walk here because it is below the road level. It is a mixture of sand and gravel. Although it is troublesome to arrive here, you will see that it is worth the trouble when you go. With turquoise blue sea and waves like foam, it takes the mind of the person. Since there is no business in the area, it would be good to take food with you. All of Kalkan Bay is entitled to receive the blue flag. The nearest airport to here is Dalaman Airport.

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