Turkey 10 Great Place Suggestions for Festival Holidays

We often give you suggestions for festivals or other holiday plans. This time I have prepared great suggestions for those who want to enjoy the sea and enjoy the beauty of autumn. Here is a wonderful place which we have compiled for those who say, “I want to go to a great place for a few days during the festival”.

bursa iznik

You can find what you are looking for in Iznik, a wonderful destination with natural beauties and historical monuments. It is not need to tell the beauty of Lake Iznik. In this important place of Byzantine and Ottoman, there are many historical churches, glass, synagogues, monasteries, ancient tombs and memories. You can make picnic around the lake, walk and visit historic monuments. If you think that it is not enough to visit for a day and you want to stay here for a longer period, you can check out the page of Iznik hotels.

Seven Lakes National Park

Abant and Yedigöller are among the distinguished places where you can take the most beautiful photographs of autumn. The green colors of nature around the lake begin to turn yellow and red. Of course, in the 7 lakes, the shade of the yellowing trees is magnificent in the ponds. Get your camera, if you have a tent, and definitely do not miss this opportunity.

If you do not want to stay at the hotel, you can browse the Bolu Hotels page.

Holiday In Alacati

The tourist season in Cesme is closing early. However, Alaçatı residents continue to enjoy September during this period. The weather is still beautiful this season, and at the same time the disturbing crowd has also decreased. You can taste herb meals from the famous Aegean food. Surf, go into the sea, even enter the hot springs of Ilıca and have a nice holiday.

Selimiye Village – Marmaris
Where is Selimiye and how do I get here?

The village of Selimiye was enchanted by the sea covered with mountains that did not move at all. Already there is a small passage area that opens up to the Mediterranean and where the boats can pass. The favorite places of the boats Selimiye Village has nice eating and drinking places and small hotels where accommodation can be made. You can also visit Datça or Marmaris. Selimiye hotel offers …


What do you think about going to Iğneada, one of the most exclusive places of Thrace on the Black Sea coast, in the season when there is plenty of fish? You may not be able to go into the sea because the weather is a little cold, but the autumn scenery of the Strandja Mountains is a truly wonderful place to be seen. İğneada has a 5 star hotel and many hostels. Do not return without seeing Dupnisa Cave and Limanköy.

Istanbul Agva

One of the destinations with the most beautiful landscapes of autumn is undoubtedly Ağva. The trees around the river now start to sag. Along the way the nature is now magical with red to yellow tones. There is a lot of choice for accommodation in Agva. Istanbulites can also go on a day trip. If the Şile highway is crowded, you can also use the beach road. Click for Agva hotels

assos holiday

One of the most romantic places of the Aegean, Asos, adds a different beauty to autumn. In the historic harbor of this region you can visit the place where Aristotle has lectured for a while and make a pleasant excursion. You can even do Asos for one night and Bozcaada for two nights. In Asos and Kadırga Bay you can enter Küçükkuyu if the sea is cold. Also visit the famous Greek village Adatepe …


Gökçeada can be a good alternative if you want a quiet and peaceful holiday. It is very enjoyable to visit the Greek villages of the island. And Gökçeada is a very green island. From the rare islands of the world that have fresh water in this sense. Wander the island from beginning to end. Be sure to savor the delicious meats that are eaten with organic and mountain breech, add the fish varieties and Greek appetizers and the famous deep-fried cabbage to your travel list …


I love the ancient city of Side with every aspect. Obviously, places where history and the sea are so intertwined on earth are rarely encountered. Moreover, in September the sea gets even better in Side. There is already plenty of choice for accommodation. There are many 5 star hotels. There are historical places. Entertainment, sea, sun, what you are looking for is in Side. Click for Side hotel recommendation ..

Kaş Night Life

Kas is one of the most beautiful places to go swimming in September. It is a small place but very cute. Of course if you like to dive, this is a great option. If you do not know how to dive, you can also take lessons. Kas-Kalkan-Demre triangle can make pleasant trips. Make sure you take a day on a boat tour. Antalya or Dalaman airport can be used to rent a car to reach Kas. Ready to make a great holiday in Turkey!

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