Trojan Antique City, Canakkale

Trojan Antique City, the place where Homer’s Battle of Troy tells in the epic of Iliad, is a wonderful work on the border of Çanakkale. This area in the skirts of the Kaz Mountains was taken to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998 as the Trojan Ancient City.

The city of Troy, which is a history of thousands of years, is known as the place where Trojan Horse Legend is experienced in many literary works and motion pictures. The city of Troy, located on the trade route between Europe and Anatolia, has faced many natural disasters and wars throughout history. This ancient city, which is destroyed and rebuilt 9 times in total, carries traces of many different buildings.

Trojan Horse

Troia Antique City, which is said to have been founded 5,000 years ago today, has hosted many civilizations as an important settlement center for about 3,500 years. As also mentioned in the epic of the Iliad, this area also proved that the Trojan legend is true in the excavations carried out by the German Arecheologist Heinrich Schliemann, who came to the city in 1868.

Many artifacts discovered in excavations are now in different countries. Initiatives are being held by the government and the state for the recruitment of the Trojan treasure.

Trojan Horse Story

For many centuries, according to the story, the Akhalis can not conquer Trojan in spite of years of struggle. After a siege, the Akhalis are still about to give up, and they ask for help from the gods. With the idea of the gods they make it as if they gave up the war and they retreat. As they retreat, they leave troops in the horse’s court at the city’s door. The Trojans celebrating with their cries of joy encounter the bitter surprise waiting for them at night when they enter the horse.

Today the horse in the ancient city was re-interpreted in 1975 by a Turkish artist in the light of old information.

1 Day Troy Tour,Troy Antique city

Where is Troy Antique City?

Troas and Troia Ancient City, which has thousands of years of history, is located near the village of Tevfikiye in Çanakkale. To reach this place known by the name of Hisarlik, it is entered through the Nile and Tevfikiye district, which is located at the 30th km on Çanakkale-Ezine highway. After 5 km you will arrive at the ancient city of Troy.

Where is Troy Antique City

Trojan Antique City Visit Times

Troy Antique City is waiting for visitors between 08.00-20.00 hours in April-October period. It is open between November and March between 08.00-17.00. The Trojan Antique City welcomes visitors on all official holidays, festivals and special occasions.

The Troia region, which is very important for European literature and European history, is a wonderful area with thousands of years of history. Among the places to visit in Canakkale and found this place among Turkey’s most beautiful ancient cities, welcomes many visitors throughout the year.

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