Tourism in Trabzon Uzungöl

One of the small, cute but famous districts of Trabzon is Caykara. The most popular tourist district of Caykara is Uzungol. This lake is so popular that it gave the region its name. Trabzon Uzungol is one of the most distinguished and most interesting destinations of Lake Tourism in Turkey. Uzungol, which is one of the tourism paradise of Trabzon province, has been designated as a tourism center by the ministry. Uzungol, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its natural beauty, is one of the frequented tourist spots with its activities such as hiking and paragliding.

Tourism in Trabzon Uzungöl

About Trabzon Uzungol

Uzungol, Turkey where the rain forest is located at the junction Soganli and Kackar mountain range. This region is also home to the oldest forests in the temperate region of the world. It is green in all seasons of the year thanks to abundant rainfall and relative temperate climate. There are more than 60 endemic plant species identified in Demirkapi and Soganli mountains. It also has a rich environment in terms of wild animal life. Trabzon Uzungol has such protection statues as Natural Protected Area, Special Conservation Area and Nature Park. If you go to Uzungol, we recommend that you get up early in the morning and walk around the lake in silence with the sunrise and take a deep breath. You can also take pictures of beautiful landscapes and nature while hiking.

How to visit Trabzon Uzungol?

To visit Trabzon Uzungol, you must go to Trabzon city center first. This is the easiest way for you. Or you can get in touch with a tour company and visit with a guide. This depends entirely on your preference. You will love the hospitality of the local people of Trabzon. You will never feel like a stranger. If you are going from Istanbul or a different city, it would be helpful to get professional support. There is no need to rent a car. Because you’re going to walk abundantly and you’ll be intertwined with nature. Peaceful, pleasant and unforgettable moments are waiting for you at Trabzon Uzungol.

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