Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace, one of the oldest palaces in Istanbul, was built after the conquest of Istanbul in 1453. This palace, built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, is considered to be one of the most modern palaces even today. The Topkapi Palace, the place where the Sultans stayed and stayed for so many years, was abandoned after the construction of Dolmabahçe Palace.

Thousands of people worked in the construction of Topkapi Palace. And according to the rumors, supernatural beings were also involved in the construction of this palace. And also workers and masters from different countries have been brought. The Sultan, who asked to be a very wonderful palace, values this sultan very much. And it can be said that he also has a pleasure life here.

Topkapi Palace is also close to many tourist attractions in the area. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia are the most famous buildings in the neighborhood. Blue Mosque and many other mosques and churches, as well as Dolmabahçe Palace is very close to the Topkapı Palace, the sea is located on the shore. It is visited by millions of people every year.

This huge palace, built on 700,000 square meters of land, consists of several sections. Visitors can not enter all of these parts unfortunately. But the allowed areas are also wonderful and really worth seeing. If you want to go to Istanbul, you will definitely have to look at this unique sultan.

The most known parts of Topkapi Palace are the harem, guest area, sanctuary and hall. Also very valuable and quite expensive items are exhibited here.

Topkapi Palace is said to have many mysterious entrances and exits. An entrance to this unique palace, which is said to have about 7 secret tunnels, also appears in Rumeli Hisari. It is also said that there are many different parts inside. All unknowns of this mysterious palace are still being questioned.

After the establishment of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s Republic, the palace has turned into a museum. And today it is visited by millions of people. If you want to visit this unique museum, it will be enough to go to Istanbul.

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