Delicious Turkish Soups

Soups are one of the most precious tastes of Turkish culinary culture. And every season it is possible to find different kinds of these dishes on the tables. It is known that there are 100 different kinds of Turkish soup along with regional soup which varies according to seasonal conditions. We wanted to introduce 6 most preferred soups to you so that it would not be possible to describe all of them here. Here are 6 of the most delicious Turkish soup varieties …

Lentils Soup (Mercimek Çorbası)

This dish, which is the main actor of the red pepper, is the most preferred soup type in the east of Turkey. Every year thousands of people visit Turkey to try these soup that can be used at all meals. It is an ideal soup type for breakfast and lunch.

Lentils Soup

Yayla Soup

You can find these kinds of soups in the Black Sea Region, which is the northern region of Turkey, and Central Anatolia Region. It is known to be used especially as summer soup. Thin rice is made with granules and yogurt. For a great soup type, Yayla Soup, you can visit thousands of restaurants and test this wonderful flavor.

Yayla Soup

Domates Çorbası (Tomato Soup)

Tomatoes Soup, the most trendy soup of recent years, is a wonderful souvenir. And you are sure to impress. This soup type, with tomato and pepper, has a dizzying taste.

Tomato Soup

Tripe Soup

If you want to experience a very different flavor, this soup is definitely for you. The smell and the image may scare you, but believe it is great.

Tripe Soup

Düğün Çorbası (Souvenir)

This soup, made with plenty of meat, is especially preferred in winter months. If you’re not vegetarian, be sure to try these soup!

Souvenir-Düğün Çorbası

Tarhana Soup

Tarhana Soup, one of the most valuable varieties of classical Turkish soup culture, is an ideal meal for anyone looking for different tastes. You can choose from a lot of chili pepper or little chili pepper.

Tarhana Soup


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