The Suleymaniye Mosque

The most important feature of Suleymaniye Mosque is its acoustics. The great master Mimar Sinan worked very hard for this glass to be perfect between 1550 and 1557 and to be heard from all corners of the glass of all voices. For this he placed hollow cubes around the dome and at various points of the glass.

Suleymaniye mosque

There is also an interesting story about the acoustic works of Mimar Sinan, Suleymaniye Mosque. Mimar Sinan, this subject takes a lot of time and construction takes longer than expected. Some people who are jealous of Mimar Sinan say to Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent that Mimar Sinan is disturbing the work and even has a hookah in his glass. The Padisah, who gets very angry at him and rides on the cube, goes to the window. Mimar Sinan sees the nargile inside and wants an explanation immediately. Mimar Sinan explains that there is no tobacco in the hookah, it is an acoustic work that only the sound of bubbling water makes to understand how the glass is heard.

The Suleymaniye Mosque

The tiles used in the Suleymaniye mosque were brought from Iznik.

Interior lighting of this glass was provided with hundreds of lamps. Think of the smoke and heat from these lamps. Normally this situation must pollute the environment every day. Great Master Mimar Sinan, with his great architectural intelligence, has succeeded in accumulating these works in one point and ensuring that he can use them by obtaining ink.

Suleymaniye mosque

The important fermans were written with the ink obtained in the İs. Because the ink obtained from the drum was more durable than the normal ink.

The great master Mimar Sinan used a natural method to protect a glass of this size from spider webs and put hundreds of ostrich eggs in various parts of the Suleymaniye Mosque. Spiders, insects, and even acres that do not like ostrich eggs have moved away.

When Suleymaniye Mosque was built, first of all this foundation was laid. Mimar Sinan wanted the foundation to be fully seated for a year, as there were many earthquakes in history throughout the history of Istanbul.

Suleymaniye mosque

Having heard that the construction of the Suleymaniye Mosque was stopped, the Shah of Iran thought that the Ottoman Empire had suffered financial difficulties during the construction of this mosque and addressed to Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, saying “You did not have the power to finish the Suleymaniye Mosque, Together with our ambassadors, we send you a crate of money and jewels. This is a good thing we have contributed. ”

Suleymaniye Mosque

Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent was terrified by this. Then, by giving these items and gifts to the architect Sinan, he wanted to use it all on the basis of the glass. Mimar Sinan used these precious stones in one of the minarets of the Mosque.

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and his beloved wife Hürrem

This minaret is known today as Cevher Minaresi. This minaret is minaret located in the east from the minarets consisting of 3 main regions. You can visit Mimar Sinan, Süleymaniye Mosque, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and his beloved wife Hürrem.

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