The Kefken Beach

is one of the most popular places in the region, with nature view, sea and beach and other all facilities…

The Kefken

The Kefken Beach  is actually a fishing village. When you come to the Kefken center, you will find the harbor and fishing boats. If you go in season, you will have delicious fish you will eat in this region.

Kefken Beach

The Kefken

In addition to the fish, there are also mussels and sea snails called cikcik on the kefken openings. Marine seafoods, which have high economic value, are exported especially abroad.

The villagers who are near kefken beach are attracted by virginity. Especially with the Cebeci beach, this region is definitely a holiday destination.

The Kefken


The Pink Rocks region, with its interesting geological structure, creates fascination and astonishment in tourists. The rocks, which are soft in the water, become hard after they are removed. Due to these characteristics, during the Ottoman period, these rocks were cut into rectangles with human power, brought to Istanbul by sea and used in the construction of Sultan Ahmet Mosque and many historical monuments

Pembe Kayalıklar


The Cebeci, 27 kilometers from Kandira, is an ideal holiday paradise with its immaculate sea, wide beaches, wonderful nature. Within the coast, tent tourism is the most common place. The number of people who have come to Cebeci before the sea season opens and have been staying in this charming village for a long time is very high. The sea and sun bath is the largest beach in the area, which can be done until the end of September. It is opposite the Cebeci coasts on Kefken Island.



Kefken Island is located in the Black Sea and is the only island where people with historical characteristics live. The ships seeking shelter from the violent storms of the horny Black Sea and looking for shelter in dangerous times, are sheltering in the lima on the edge of this island. In addition, all assistance is provided to the vessels that need assistance, and a wireless connection is established. There are several wells on the island where drinking water is supplied. Five minutes by boat from the Cebeci coastline, this island has countless plazas where you can embark on a trip away from city life and enter the sea. On the Kefken Island, the number one spot for amateur underwater hunters, harpoon, sea bass and mullet can be hunted

Kefken Beach
Kefken Beach

The farthest coastal areas of Kandira are about 30 km. It is located in the Uzunkum district. It is a virgin territory that is not yet known. These beaches, which feature offshore, gain a feature that can be surfed in windy weather. This region, which does not have a major tourist center, is literally a wild attraction. There are enough motel and pension facilities to meet the needs of tourists. The tent is very convenient in terms of camping facilities. The beach is extremely spacious and large.

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