The Kariye Museum

The Kariye Museum in Edirnekapı is one of the most important Istanbul museums exhibiting outstanding examples of 14th century Byzantine painting and mosaic art.

Kariye Museum

When we look at the history of Kariye, which comes from the word “Khora” in ancient Greek Yunnan province, it is known that there is a chapel outside the city walls before the city walls built in the 5th century. And in 527-565 the first Khora Church was built by Justinian in place of this chapel. The building that reaches the daily life is from the 11th century.

Kariye Museum

The most valuable items of the Kariye Museum are the 14th century Byzantine frescoes and mosaics. Extraordinary mosaic ornamentations were built in the 1320s. The frescoes in the museum also offer a dazzling and wonderful view. Numerous resurrection pictures are striking.

Every day except Wednesdays, it is open between 09.00-16.30.

Tel: (0212) 631 92 41 – 522 09 89

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