The Basilica Cistern

Istanbul is one of the most mysterious cities of Turkey. Istanbul is one of the world’s most popular cities with thousands of different structures. One of these is the Yerebatan Cistern. In other words, the Basilica Cistern was carefully built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I.

The exact reason why the Byzantine emperor Justinianus I built this cistern is unknown, but there are different estimates. One of these estimates is that he does not want to put forth an immortal work on behalf of his wife. And it is also predicted that he designed this work perfectly in the memory of Theodora. According to very poor sources, I. Justinianus is jealous, and so it is thought that he killed his wife in these basilicas.

It is understood that one of the reasons for taking the Bazilica Cistern is to meet the water requirement of the country. In other words, it can be considered as a dam. But this very luxurious structure has begun to be regarded as one of the most popular places for tourists.

The Basilica Cistern, one of the most important works of the Byzantine emperor Justinianus I. (527-565), resembles a perfect palace built with flat and shining marble. The Byzantine King had spent most of his time here. According to those who say, this is a structure far beyond a normal cistern. And in many science fiction and history films, roles have been taken from this structure. And it is often associated with mysterious voices and creatures. According to a rumor, fish and other animals make a lot of noise here at night. And there are almost no security personnel able to withstand it.

Basilica Cistern, 140 m long. width 70 m. It is known as an extraordinary structure that covers a rectangular area.

This cistern with a 52-step stone ladder, 9 m. 336 in height.

Every year thousands of local and foreign tourists visit this wonderful palace. The inside of the Sarnıc which creates extraordinary excitement creates an excellent ambience. If you want to see this mysterious cistern, hurry! You can believe it will be a great experience for you.


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