Taksim Square

There are countless places to visit in Istanbul. Historical places as well as these places, which are mostly touristy, are quite extensive. But in the first place there are always the same places. One of these is the Taksim Square, which has become the symbol of the Beyoğlu district. You do not hear Taksim Square. Taksim Square is known for its history and beauty at the same time, witnessing political and social events. In short, if you are in Istanbul, do not return to the country without stopping here.

Taksim Square

Taksim, where did this name come from? Let’s find the answer to this question now. At the place where Taksim is today, there was a water depot in the time of the Ottoman Empire. There was a small canal to distribute the stored water. Here the name came from “Taksim Maksemi” which means the distribution of Beyoglu water here.

Taksim Square

Taksim Square is especially the center of May 1st and New Year celebrations. Taksim Square, 2013 in the “Travel Events” has also witnessed. Taksim Square has witnessed many different things throughout history.

Taksim Square is a remarkable place with crowded streets, lively and fun environments, cafes and restaurants. There are many places to visit here. There are many tourist and cultural places to visit in Taksim. There are many parks, entertainment venues, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants in Taksim. Places such as Gezi Park, Çiçek Pasajı, Atatürk Cultural Center, Galatasaray Bath, Cumhuriyet Monument and İstiklal Caddesi are some places to be seen here.

Taksim Square

How to get to Taksim Square?

Take metrobus at the nearest metrobus station. Get off at Mecidiyeköy Station from Metrobus. Go to Mecidiyeköy Metro Station. Take the metro to the direction of Taksim. When you get to the Metro Taksim Stop, you reach the bottom of the subway.

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