Sumela Monastery in Black Sea Coast

The history of Sümela Monastery is based on the myth described by the Black Sea Greeks. The legend, which started with the sight of Saint Barnabas and the same dream of Aziz Sophronios, continues with the appearance of Sümela as the place of the icon of Aziz Luka. In the icon of Panagia Soumela, one of the three Panagia icons made by Saint Luke from the Bible writer, Mary holds the baby Jesus in her arms.

Sumela Monastery

It is told that the saints who came to Trabzon by sea unaware of each other and explained the dream they saw here laid the foundations of the first church. However, the Trabzon Emperor III, which frequently took place in the frescoes of the monastery and was of special importance. It is thought that Alexios may be the true founder of the monastery. The monastery, which is estimated to have been completed between 365 and 395, is not definite. Another possibility is that it was renovated and maintained by Alexios. Because The empire period of last was between 1349 and 1390 by III. Alexios.

Sumela Monastery

The monastery, which came to its present state until the 14th century, has served as an outpost in defense with the city exposed to the Turkmen raids since this date. The Sümela Monastery was the headquarters of the Greek militia who wanted to establish an independent Pontus state in the region by merging with other monasteries in the Maçka district during the Russian occupation, which lasted until 1918.

Sumela Monastery

The Significance of the Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery is a monastery built by Christians and considered as one of the first sacred temples of Christianity. This important privilege makes the Sumela Monastery private, and the frescoes in it have a separate prescription. Mary figures in the monastery are depicted as Georgian Madonna used by the Georgians.

Sumela Monastery

In the apse part of the main church, the birth of Mary and the offering of Mary above the southern wall notification The birth of Jesus; presenting to the mosque and life, and the Bible at the bottom. Mary’s death and apostles at the south gate of the monastery; the second on the east facing fountains are the Genesis, the creation of Adam, the creation of Eve, the inspiration of God, the rebellion and the expulsion from Paradise.

Sumela Monastery

The Sümela Monastery is also in the third place on the east, overlooking Thomas, a Kabirde angel, Nikaia (Iznik) Council. Apart from the apse part, above are the frescoes of Mikail and Gabriel.

The Sümela Monastery is located in the province of Trabzon in the Karedeniz district.

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