Street Foods of Turkey

Extraordinary cultural differences in Turkey, which has one of the most delicious cuisines of the world, will be waiting for you. If you are expecting something for a dream country, you can find it in Turkey. Street foods is very popular in Turkey, which has a very rich culture, especially considering the meaning of food and drink.

Street food in Turkey is quite clean and tasty. Unlike some other countries, Turkey, which places importance on cleanliness, is very meticulous at this point. Here are the perfect Street Flavors we want to introduce ….

Fish Bread – Fish Sandwich

Especially in Istanbul and Izmir you will encounter this culture frequently. There are many reasons to choose the vendors that make a delicious and delicious Fish Sandwich waiting for you on the street. You can taste these wonderful tastes and you will be satisfied in these places where fresh fish are offered for sale immediately.

Fish Bread - Fish Sandwich

Kokorec – Skewers of Spiced Sheep’s Intestines

You can find this wonderful flavor in Ankara as well as Istanbul and Izmir. You will lose yourself when you taste this unique dish produced from the bosom of the sheep. You will not get tired of waiting for long queues to eat that flavor every time you fall in love. Because believe it will be worth it.

Kokorec – Skewers of Spiced Sheep’s Intestines


Midye – Stuffed Mussels

Obviously it will be a little difficult to introduce this dish that we think might come a little differently for you. But believe me, we know that all your ideas will change when you visit the mussels sellers. You will have a perfect moment with the most important figure of street food, the Mussels.
Midye - Stuffed Mussels


Lahmacun, identified with Gaziantep, will taste the most delicious food in your life. Made with a mixture of meat and vegetables, this pita will give you a great experience. Are you ready for a different and delicious Turkey tour?


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