Splendid Tastes of Turkish Cuisine

The turkish cuisine, which is one of the most distinguished cuisines of the world, has unique dishes. We have compiled the most exclusive dishes of traditional taste for you. Since it would be impossible to fit all the regional dishes of Turkey here, we chose the most valuable ones and wanted to introduce them. I hope you will also enjoy these wonderful dishes one day. And we claim that you will love these foods. Here are the most exclusive Turkish cuisine dishes…

Meats and Kebabs in Turkish Cuisine

Obviously, a thesis can also be written under this heading. Believe me, there is no other kitchen that can create so much food from meat. But there are extraordinary tastes that can be done with meat dishes in Turkish cuisine. The best known of these are kebabs.

The culture of kebab has grown considerably in Turkish cuisine. All cities have almost different types of kebabs. So when you come to Turkey, there is not a single kind of kebab. You will find different varieties of kebabs associated with each city. For example, you can find 5 different kinds of kebabs in Gaziantep, which is one of the south eastern cities of Turkey and is called “Paris of the East”. The most preferred of these are Eggplant and Onion kebabı. This type of kebab is the most preferred variety of kebabs by all locals and foreigners. You can also find different varieties of kebabs in Adana, which is one of the Mediterranean cities of Turkey. For example, do not return to the country without tasting Adana kebab, which is identified with the name!

Turkish Kebap

Turkish Desserts

Desserts, which are indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine, are also important figures. There are many different kinds of dessert. And unlike what is usually known, it is eaten before dessert and then later on for dinner. Here are the most preferred dessert varieties are Baklava, Katmer, Su Böreği, Kazandibi, Sütlaç and Muhallebidir.

Traditional Turkish Desserts

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