Uludag Ski Center

You have no experience of skiing but if you think you need to start somewhere, you’re in the right place. For some reason, skiing holiday or winter vacation is a little far away from people, in fact, no different from summer vacation. Think of it like this; while you’re swimming during the summer holidays, you’re skiing or snowboarding during the ski holidays, while you’re sunbathing during the summer holidays, you’re sitting by the fireplace during the ski holidays.

Turkey is one of the most suitable country for ski holidays. There are many places where you can ski and evaluate your winter holiday. Uludag ski center, Alpine and North discipline with” Tour skiing “and” helicopter skiing” in terms of applications has appropriate geographical conditions. Besides skiing, snowboarding, Bigfoot, ice skating and snowmobiling activities are also done. Uludag ski center, beginner skiers, professionals, appealing to all levels there are 24 tracks. Another option is Kartalkaya Ski Center in Bolu. In Kartalkaya ski resort, 21 slopes of different difficulty levels await ski lovers. 5. Turkey’s highest mountain is the Erciyes Ski Center; there are 32 tracks options that vary according to their degree of difficulty. Kars city center 55 km distance, 2.634 meters Sarikamis Ski Center, the world’s only Alpine mountains exclusive “Crystal Snow” among the ski resorts numbered with the feature. Palandoken Ski Center has a total of 22 pistes and two of these pistes have been declared Olympic pistes by FIS. You can find many more ski resorts like this one.

Sarikamis Ski Resort

Even in the cold weather of winter, skiing holiday is one of the indispensable for those who want to convert to pleasure. Stubborn cold and snowy weather holiday and the energy of being intertwined with nature, ski enthusiasts away from the stress of daily life. During ski holidays, you can stay at the ski hotels with the best ski slopes and stay at home or abroad. You can also find many options for this holiday option in Europe, but when choosing, don’t forget Turkey. Because both cheap and fun skiing holiday, Turkey is the most suitable option in this regard.

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