Short Information About Galata Tower

There is probably no one who does not hear the Galata Tower and the Maiden’s TowerKız Kulesi” adorn the wall posters and postcard covers. Because these places have become the most important and known symbols of Istanbul.

Galata Tower

The Tower of Galata built in the 6th century BC was originally built for the sea lantern and later served a number of different purposes. The height from the ground to the tip of the roof is 69.90 meters. The wall thickness is 3.75 m, the inside diameter is 8.95 m and the outside diameter is 16.45 meters. According to the static calculations made, the weight is approximately 10,000 tons and the thick body is an untreated rubble stone.

Galata tower is considered to be the most important of the places to visit in Istanbul. This is just one of the places in Turkey where most of the tourist flow and this area is really quite spectacular.

Short Information About Galata Tower

There are 2 legends which are transmitted differently about Istanbul’s famous Galata tower.

According to the beliefs of the Romans, “If a man and a woman in the Galata tower first come together at the same time, they are absolutely married.” Of course, if one of the two of them went out alone before, this charm broke down.

Another legend is the love of the Maiden’s Tower and the Galata Tower to each other. They are said to have challenged together for centuries because of their feelings toward one another.

Another thing that is most curious about Galata Tower is what is in this place. There is a restaurant in Galat Tower.

galata tower restaurant

It is convenient to visit every day of the week from 09:00 to 19:00 in the morning. It serves as a cafeteria on the 9th day of the week and as a restaurant between 20:00 – 00:30 in the evenings. If you want to go on a special day, make sure to make a reservation first.

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