Saint Antuan Church

Saint Antuan Church is the largest church in Istanbul. This church is located on Istiklal boulevard, near Galatasaray High School. Kilisenin’s architects are the famous Giulio Mongeri and Eduardo de Nari. It’s a gothic building. The Tuscanlombard style is found on the frontage. The interior design is like the Latin Cross. There is a romanian crypt in it. There are nephts in the center and the sides.

Saint Antuan Church Historical
If we look at the history of Sent Antuan Church; The Franciscans came to Istanbul in 1221 and settled in their first home, Theotokos Kyriotissa church. Later, between 1330 and 1931, a new church was built in the vicinity of Galata for St. Francis, called the Latin Aya Sofyasi.

Saint Antuan Church

Sent Antuan Church is located in Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul. You know the tunnel located near Galatasaray High School. Here it is quite close. There was an entertainment center ahead of where the church was located. Over time, this place has been transformed into a theater and started to be known by a different name.

Saint Antuan Church

The exterior of the church, which is a Franciscan church, is a red brick and this building is a fancy building. As mentioned earlier, this church is the largest and most crowded congregation in Istanbul. The walls of the church are high and some of this height is covered with mosaics. The inside of the church is decorated with paintings and sculptures. The bell tower of the church is in the south direction and there is a monastery building parallel to the church.

Saint Antuan Church

Especially during Christmas time, people are going to church in Sent Antuan to have a good time. Anyone who believes in or does not believe in this activity, whether Christian or not, is present. And people are having a good time together here. These beautiful nights are sung by Philippine and Afghan choirs.

Saint Antuan Church

Sent Antuan Church Ritual Hours

Sundays between 10:00 and 19:00,
On Monday and Saturday from 08:00 to 19:00,
It is set at 11:30 every Tuesday.

Where is Sent Antuan Church

Address: Tomtom, İstiklal Cd. No: 171, 34433 – Beyoğlu / Istanbul
Phone: (0212) 244 0935

How to go to Sent Antuan Church

Sent Antuan Church is one of the most famous churches in Istanbul’s Istiklal Caddesi. To get here, the road to Galatasaray tunnel must be followed. And on the road to the tunnel from Galatasaray, on the left side is the church of Sent Antuan.

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