Preferred Beaches can be Distinguished in Turkey

When you make your summer vacation plans, sea enjoyment is your priority. We are fortunate in this sense, because we have worldly famous beaches. Situated in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, Turkey, we have listed the most popular and most preferred beaches in this article for you. You can plan your vacation by looking at this list, or you can include these roots in your travels.

Ölüdeniz (Fethiye)

Nature Wonder Oludeniz

Oludeniz is one of the interesting places in Fethiye. The sea and the beach are all stony. But the effect created by your magnificent nature usually allows you to ignore this disadvantage. Watching the paratroopers passing over your head while swimming in the sea is also a delight. The nearest airport to here is Dalaman Airport.

Cirali Beach (Antalya)

Cirali Beach

The unprecedented Çıralı Beach is a wonderful beach, home to charming caretta carettalas. Cirali is a wonderful area where you will lead you to a natural and historical atmosfere. To go to Plaja you have to cross the remains of King Zeus, the ancient theater and the baths. Once you have made a journey through the Roman era, you arrive at the Cirali coasts. The sea of ​​this place is light stony and sandy. Çıralı, which is a natural protected area at first grade, owns blue flag. The nearest airport is Antalya Airport.

Ilıca (Çeşme)

Ilıca Beach

Ilıca sea has hot water resources, which are turning this region into a center of attraction. The name of the shore comes from this. It is said that the water in the water is a remedy for diseases such as rheumatism, skin diseases, rickets, liver and urinary tract. Nearest airport is 96 km. Adnan Menderes Airport in the distance.

Ovabükü (Datça)

Ovabükü Beach

This region, connected to the village of Masudiye, is the most beautiful of the three bend. Ovabükü, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, comes first among the beauty hidden in the peninsula of Datca. The other two are Hayitbükü and Palamutbükü. In the neighborhood you can see lots of charming pensions and houses with beautiful gardens. You can reach here from the nearest Dalaman Airport.

Amos (Marmaris)

Amos Beach

Amos is 24 km from Marmaris. It is an ancient city located at a distance and has hosted dozens of different empires. On the peninsula of Bozburun, waiting to visit the hiding place between two holiday villages. The pebble beach, the well preserved theater, the cistern, the temple and the monuments. Here you can enjoy both sea pleasure and history. The nearest airport is Dalaman Airport 90 km away.

Butterfly Valley (Fethiye)

Butterfly Valley

One of the first stops to come to mind of Bohemian vacationers is the Butterfly Valley. Located in the foothills of Babadag, considered a world heritage site, this region offers a great option. Any kind of restoration is prohibited because it is accepted as a natural protected area. Therefore, holidaymakers usually prefer to camp. From Oludeniz you can reach the Butterfly Valley by boat. The nearest airport is Dalaman Airport.

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