Places to Visit in Ürgüp

Located at a distance of about 20 km from the center of Nevşehir, Ürgüp is a supernatural region which has been formed due to its convenient rock structure. The district, which is on the historical Silk Road and connects Istanbul to Jerusalem and is located at the intersection of civilizations, is also an eminent place that has witnessed Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods at the same time.

Ürgüp is the most developed district of Nevşehir today. Especially for tourists, nightlife, many restaurants, small bars and wine houses carved from the rocks are admired, as well as those who see rock carvings and stone house workmanship.

Places to Visit in Ürgüp

Urgup is a region where typical examples of peribacas brought by the erosion of rain and wind are concentrated. Peri Bacaları “Fairy Flue” rising from the crevices formed by the erosion of the wind after rain water flowing from the slope of the valley have created an extraordinary image to the region. The geography of the region is a perfect place to have stunning Peribacaları that stand out for this reason.
Places to Visit in Ürgüp

Urgup Center

There are two important graves from the Ottoman period in Wishing Hill “Temenni Hill“, where a monumental grave was built in 1288 by Vecihi Pasha in memory of Kılıçaslan. This name is referred to as “Temenni” because of the wish to connect with different materials and make wishes. It is possible to see all of Ürgüp from this hill and Mount Erciyes on days when the weather is clear.

Altıkapı Türbesi, which is thought to have been built in the 12th or 13th centuries and has six windows, was built in memory of the wife and children of a commander unknown to him during the Seljuk period. Located in front of Urgup Municipality Building and opened in 1971, Ürgüp Museum serves as a museum exhibiting the artifacts from Ürgüp.

Three Treasures and Kizilcukur Valley
Three Treasures and Kizilcukur Valley

Located at the mid-point of the highway going from Urgup to Avanos, the Pink Valley is a wonderful region where the most typical examples of Peribacas can be seen. The nature of the natural formations in the region resembles many silhouettes of rocks due to their shape. Especially here are the Peribacaları, which are similar to the ones here, and the three Peribacaları landscapes, two of which are big and one of which is smaller, known as the Üç Güzeller “Three Beauties” , are at the top of the photo taken by those who come to urgup cappadocia

Kizilcukur, famous for its wines, has many Peribacas formations in different colors, sizes and shapes, as well as churches carved into them and decorated with grape paintings. The Üzümlü Church, also known as the St. Nicholas Church in Kızılçukur Valley, is at the top of the places to be seen. Apart from this, there are many different churches in the region.


Mustafapaşa, known as the settlement place of Orthodox Christians until population exchange in 1924, is a remarkable region located 6 km from the center of Ürgüp district. There are approximately 30 chapels and churches in Mustafapaşa where 600 Greek and 150 Turkish families lived before the exchange. St. George, Saint Vasilios and Saint Stefanos Churches and Saint Basil Chapel are among the 19th century churches to be visited.


Ortahisar, which reflects the local town life of Cappadocia with the deepest lines, consists of tuff rocks in the village center and rock houses carved into the surroundings. At the same time, Ortahisar is a region that hosts examples of rich monastic life. Tavşanlı Church, Harim Church, Sarıca Church, Cambazlı Church, Balkan Creek Churches and Hallaç Stream Monastery are the places to be seen in this region.

The first and only Ethnography Museum of Cappadocia, which reflects the experience of Cappadocia, is also in Ortahisar. Located at a distance of 1 km from Ürgüp-Nevşehir, Ortahisar is also known for hundreds of cold weather carved tuff rocks around the new village.

The Ala Church and Kepez Churches on the way to Pancarlik are in the form of tiny columns and are among the important churches of the region, including simple red ornaments and interesting texts and wall paintings.

Cemil Village Churches
turhup Cemil Village Churches

In the villages of Cemil, a middle Anatolian village where Greek Cypriots, Orthodox Turks and Muslim Turks lived together until the exchange, there are ancient Greek houses and frescoes made with very rich stone workmanship. On the south-west side of the village you will encounter a carved church in the Valley of Keşlik, a ridge passing through shelters and valley. The Old Church, overlooking the Lengeryos area from its hill, now only in ruins, was demolished in 1950s and built in addition to its stones and the current Village Mosque. The most striking structure of the monastery, which is believed to have 200 people, is the Arkhangelos Church, the Stefanos Church in the monastery, and a separate rock block in the monastery complex.

Halachdere (Halaçdere)

Some of these constructions in Halacdere, where some of the large basilica type churches are believed to belong to the 10th and 12th centuries and the other 13th centuries, are part of a worn-out or demolished gigantic area used by Christians as a hospital for a while. The Churches of St. Peter and St. Paul and Churches under the Constitution can easily be seen.

St. Theodore Church

St. Theodore Church in Yeşilöz Village of urgup and built in the name of St. Theodore was constructed as a central dome with a general ‘T’ plan. The gallery on the top of the church is a structure that can be reached thanks to a ladder, so it is the most important characteristic of the church. With this feature, the distinguished church in the Cappadocian churches, the well preserved frescoes made by different artists at different times. The scenes of the church carved from the 11th to the 13th centuries consist of gospel, birth, appearance of prophets and apostles, Jesus’ crucifixion, saints in medals with angels Gabriel and Michael.

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