Places to Visit in Bolu Mudurnu

Mudurnu and its environs have been discovered in recent times as a settlement area of the Hittite and Phrygian states in prehistoric times.

The first establishment of area is Hisar Hill, which is located to the east of the present settlement center.

Places to Visit in Bolu Mudurnu

Matarni is the daughter of the Bursa Greek Cypriot administration, built a castle here and got the current name after going through the changes like Matarni’s name Modrones, Moderna, Mudurlu.

The first person to come to Mudurnu on behalf of the Ottomans is Samsa Çavuş, a friend of Akıncı Ertuğrul Bey. It is believed that the tomb is in Samsaçavuş village.

Places to Visit in Bolu Mudurnu

Mudurnu’s participation in the Ottoman lands is known as 1307. In Evliya Çelebi’s book, Mudurnu Castle is depicted as “an 8-square, 20-tower, 1-door, building darkened and an old structure with walls and ruins collapsed”. It is said that there is a castle and a mosque, there are 17 neighborhoods of the city, there are 3,000 wooden houses, Yıldırım Han Mosque, Yıldırım Han Madrasa with 1 Dar’ül Hadis, 13 Sübian Mektebi (Virgin School), 3 inns and baths and the stalls of the majority of the shops. every day thousands of load stubs are told.


Mudurnu is one of the most beautiful places in the country with its forests, springs and lakes. The “Abant Lake“, a place frequented by residents of metropolitan cities with its unique view and clean air, is within the borders of this district. Day-to-day picnics are available, as well as five-star accommodation facilities. The distance to Mudurnu from this natural wonder is only 19 kilometers.

Abant Lake


This is an ideal environment for day trip trekking, nature walk and picnic, which is worth seeing with its virgin natural structure and unspoiled surroundings.



The Sunnah Lake, at a height of 1050 meters, is a place of great natural beauty to be seen with its unique view.


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