Places to Visit In and Around Fethiye

I wrote on the list of places to visit in Fethiye, the important places in the district center and right next to it. When Fethiye is determined as a center and you go 100 km, there are hundreds of places to see but unfortunately you have to spend at least 2 weeks to see the whole thing.

12 islands consisting of 12 different sized islands in close proximity to each other, lined up in the west and northeast direction of the Gulf of Fethiye. When you do the 12 Island Tour, which is the famous boat tour of Fethiye, you can stop by the stops such as Knights, Yassıcılar, Kızılada, Shipyard, Gemiler, Gocek, Olive, Pig, Delikli Island where many famous and famous houses are located. Enjoy it!

Among the places to visit around Fethiye is the , one of the unique natural beauties of our country. In addition, Knight Island, located at the mouth of Fethiye Gulf, and Cennet Cove, a bay that is identified with Fethiye; Katrancı Bay, covered with pine and eucalyptus trees; The most beautiful foothills of Fethiye are nominated to enter the resort’s resort. When you come to Fethiye, make sure to take a boat tour. There are many coves and islands to be seen. You can create your own group and rent a boat and visit it. Do you have a blue journey in the Mediterranean?

The historic districts of Fethiye are as valuable as the villagers. Each was an important settlement place at the time and many stories and scars left behind. Tlos Antik city in Yaka village, 42 km east of Fethiye, is 45 km from Fethiye. the Lycian city and the Pınara Ancient City near the Minare Village in the distance. Kadyanda, one of the antique cities in the Mediterranean Region, is also found here, which is reached from Telmessos Antique City and Üzümlu Köyü, which daily arrives from Lycia Civilization. Letoon, an important religious and political center in antiquity, and Patara, one of the most important cities of Lycia in antiquity, are other places worth seeing.

Places to Visit In and Around FethiyeFor accommodation, my recommendation is Oludeniz. The delightful hotel overlooking Belcekiz Beach Oyster Residence is another excellent place to stay. Şey Cafe, which belongs to them on their side, is one of the most beautiful cafes in my country. If you want to be quiet and calm, the Mandarin & Mango Boutique Hotel in Faralya is one of the finest boutique hotels of our country. If you love a peaceful holiday in a family get acquainted with nature friendly Clover Lodge.


Fethiye, a corner of Turkey‘s heaven, is a place where both the sea, the beaches, the nature and the people depend on it. If you are tired from the complex of the city and want to leave yourself in the bay of nature and sea, include your route Fethiye and its geography.From the beginning I’m sure you’ll be addicted.

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