Muğla’s Favorite Places: Bodrum and Fethiye

Turkey in Bodrum and Fethiye almost all of the year is a great country that attracts the busy tourist visits. The greatest reason for this is the fact that both our country’s natural beauties and historical riches play an important role. My country, especially the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, which have a variety of climatic and vegetation coverings that can be encountered in the very rare regions of the world, are affected by this remarkably.

Places to Visit In and Around Fethiye

Domestic and foreign tourists spend a holiday that they will not forget in the beautiful regions of our country they prefer until autumn. Aegean and Mediterranean coastal cities are places where density is most experienced. And among these cities, Muğla has many leadership positions. The fact that this city is located in the junction of the seas, both sides enjoy the same beauty, but also the pleasant climate contributes to this.


Fethiye is one of the most important tourist destinations of our country with its beautiful coast surrounded by gorgeous natural beauties, archaeological heritage of ancient Lycian civilization and fertile lands.

Places to Visit In and Around Fethiye

Although it has its own characteristics of all the districts of Muğla, Fethiye is distinguished from its coastal features and its vegetation. The height of the sea is only 10 meters, allowing temperate weather conditions to be felt equally throughout the county. The temperature above 20 degrees from the beginning of spring to November makes it possible for domestic and foreign tourists to be flexible in their preference for this region.

The city offers such a delightful holiday environment Fethiye hotels are also one of the places where the intensity is experienced. In this sense, Fethiye hotels are trying to respond to student achievement by keeping the season duration four to eight weeks longer than similar ones.

Places to Visit In and Around Fethiye

Another aspect that distinguishes Fethiye hotels from similar ones in the surrounding areas is that they are established with care in clean and clear coastal coast. Fethiye has an interesting place in the world, as well as the coastal strips and natural beauties they are interested in, are not affected by Fethiye hotels.

This situation, which has gained the appreciation of the local people, also gives more sense of the name in terms of the development of the region and tourism and also prevents any damage to the delicate natural life that Muğla has. Following this attitude, the operators have guaranteed that this rare region will survive for many years without any problems.


Bodrum and Fethiye is one of the most popular tourist areas of Muğla. Turgutreis, Bitez, Ortakent, Yalikavak, Guvercinlik, Torba, which are located on the Historical Peninsula, make this region a destination that has exceeded its borders. Its unspoiled climate attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists with its white houses and blue sea, comfortable Bodrum hotels.

Holiday in Bodrum Turkey

In recent years, transportation to the county has improved considerably. And for this, the perfect infrastructure projects have been passed down. You can reach from many centers comfortably by road. Airline is another alternative. Milas-Bodrum Airport, which is only thirty-two kilometers away from the city, can be reached to the center in twenty minutes by service or taxi. Bodrum and Fethiye hotels can sometimes reach their destination without paying any additional fees and without the hassle, thanks to the service opportunities they offer sometimes.

Bodrum In HolidayThose who want to spend their vacations in this famous city and the wonderful Bodrum hotels need to make reservations at least 1 month in advance during the summer season, which is especially intense. Those who want to take advantage of the economic prices for a comfortable holiday, Bodrum Hotel Campaigns, where early booking opportunities are heavily applied, should be used without delay.

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