Marine Tourism in Turkey

Turkey, in terms of marine tourism is ranked among the leading countries of the world. In particular, the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts attract a great deal of attention from both local and foreign tourists during the summer season. In addition, the Marmara and Black Sea borders are among the places visited by local tourists. On the Black Sea coast where the number of sunny days is less, the seafood tourism season is limited to July and August.

Marmaris In Holiday

Our country is a peninsula and it is one of the few countries where marine tourism spreads to such a wide area. The distance extending from Mersin to Çanakkale coast is suitable for sea tourism. Especially Antalya, İzmir on this coastline. Muğla provinces and districts host domestic and foreign tourists with long beaches. Tourism has an important place in terms of income of the country. There are thousands of accommodation facilities on the coastline mentioned above. Thousands of hotel guests are welcomed.

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Marine Tourism in Turkey

The type of tourism that is spent the most money in the world is known as sea tourism. This order is followed by skiing and thermal tourism respectively. The development of marine tourism also leads to an increase in the number of accommodation facilities. Tourism industry is known as chimney-free industry. As an example, a tourist coming from abroad is contributing to the economy from entry to a country. The facility you are staying in means that your trips and shopping places contribute to the country’s economy. The contribution of sea tourism to our country is an undeniable fact. One of the biggest helpers for closing the current deficit is sea tourism.

Bodrum In Holiday

In particular, holiday resorts such as Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum and Marmaris are able to reach 100 percent occupancy throughout the season. These regions are like heaven in real sense. This trio, which we call sea, sand and sun, exists in these regions. The developing and growing tourism sector in recent years has also helped the development of tourism regions. This situation also offers great business opportunities for the people living here. Tourism is love and fusion. Tourism becomes a vehicle for people of different races and religions to vacation together. Turkey, known by many people all over the world and is a country visited. Tourism is also the greatest means of contributing to this.

Bodrum In Holiday

Aegean and Mediterranean coasts

Of course we have to improve the tourism industry and enlarge it. We have a country with such beautiful hives. It is worth knowing and improving. Tourism is not only sea, sand and sun, but the most preferred type is sea tourism. Especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, renovation work should be done and restored.

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