Maiden’s Tower / Leander Tower (Kiz Kulesi)

There are thousands of places in Istanbul, one of the most pleasant cities in the world, where you can have a great time. And one of them is the Maiden’s Tower, which is the land of love. One of the most valuable towers of history, the Maiden’s Tower carries one of the most valuable traces of a perfect love story.

The Maiden’s Tower is located in the immediate vicinity of the Istanbul Bosphorus, one of Istanbul’s busiest venues. It is considered to be one of the most important figures of antiquity. The Byzantine Emperor was made by the valuable Manuel Komnenos between 1143-1180. Construction of this hoist, one of the most important works of the period, took quite a long time. The most important reason for this was the difficult sea conditions. Thousands of workers in the construction work died in a very short time due to different illnesses, and most of the time the construction of the building was in the process. Komnenos, the imparatou of the period after 37 years of building work, stayed here for a long time and moved here longing for his love.

The Maiden’s Tower is known by many names in many history books. The most known of these are; Damalis and Leondrosdur. Also used are different names such as Maidene and Maidenus

Damalis is the name of the wife of Kharis, the king of Athens. And by this name the tower was remembered until 1725. After the conquest of Istanbul, major changes have been made and are equipped with important figures of Eastern culture. It is possible to see different Ottoman and Byzantine works within the present time.

The tower is 18 meters long. And the inside is a room size. Usually watches the throat and other landscapes at the top of the lodge and takes photos. You can also visit this wonderful tower with your lover and experience an excellent experience.

You may have to go through a long line to visit the girls’ tower. Because, this tower is known as the tower where the most meaningful love story of Earth lived.

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