Maden Stream and Waterfall

Located in Karasu district border in Sakarya province, is a wonderful place worth visiting. There are mineral facilities used by the French until 1914 around the Maden Stream which has a natural beauty.

Maden Stream and Waterfall

Maden Stream and Waterfall

It’s named after the mining facilities that were here in the past. The Maden Stream, which is located among the greens, forms a natural music festival with the sound of the flowing waters.

Maden Stream and Waterfall

You can have a picnic and a walk in the unique view of Madden Derin. You can eat trout under the trees around Maden Deresi, in buildings made of wooden roofs with tiled roofs. You can even set a tent here and spend a wonderful night in the sound of birds. There are walnut, hazelnut, chestnut and blackberry trees around Maden Deresi. If you go during the season, you can enjoy collecting these fruits. Maden Stream, a magnificent place where you can take magnificent pictures of nature, is the place to be seen.

Maden Stream and Waterfall

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